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Sexy is subjective. Someone sexy to another might not be sexy to me. I'm not even sure what sexy means. Is it what flutters your nethers? Or is it something that draws you in deeper to prepare for a long haul? Is it appearance? Or is it presentation? Is it a look that comes from a stare? Or is it the need to follow someone that you just can't seem to give up the sight of?

My attention has been taken by many women. I don't know that I would call any sexy.

Maybe sexy is that moment that you realize sex is a likelihood.
Stating the obvious… This is all opinions of Ceno, none of this is factual, if it offends please stop reading for your own health, and as always, no need to respond 😇

sexy the look GIF

Feeling sexy is all about the mind, I often find a lot of people have no idea about the art of seduction, now I know what you are thinking, but Ceno… didnt you say your partner walks away from you? You should be the last person giving advice on this, well if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen!

Oh btw none of the gifs I post are of me not sure why people think that, deffo dont want to imply that, I am the blonde and always the blonde nothing more nothing less…

Back to what is important, being sexy. Whats is the art of seduction? Well… let’s explore.

The first thing you need to be is unattainable but available… you need to be finger tips away but it may as well be as if you are on the moon. They can barely reach you whilst you constantly show how easy you can have them at a click of your fingers, this illusion is what exotic dancers use and it is very powerful with men and women. However, as most men are designed as the hunter, nothing gets their tails wagging like a just out of reach scenario.

Why bother being sexy, cant I just be myself? Cant I just offer nothing and still get what I want?

Uhm well you can, but its difficult, theres a reason people compliment you or ask about you prior to asking you to do something for them, energy exchanges, you often cant get something out of nothing. But the best way to do this is through being a mystery… now men you cant say I am being unfair as this mostly works with women.. the more you are private, unavailable, not an open book the hotter you become. Why? Because it’s a mystery, there is a reason women love to watch who done it and murder mysteries statistically more than men, men like a sneak peak and women like to work it all out! (In general terms… jesus i’m being extra PC today 😅)

Have you mastered the art of seduction, do you feel like being sexy shouldnt be important ? Questions to think about.
"Sexy" disgusts me. "Charm" turns me on.

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