Memories of Chicago, circa 1998

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Jun 13, 2017
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Juste wanted to share something, as I'm feeling nostalgic and melancholic. Warning, this is a sob story lol.

Recently, I noticed they uploaded a bunch of new old shows on Netflix, one of which I enjoyed very much when I was a wee lad; Due South. For those who don't know this excellent show, it's the story of Benton Frasier, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who travels to Chocago on the trail of the killers of his father and, for reasons don't need exploring at this juncture, remains attached as a loaison to the Canadian consulate. Accompanied by his deaf wolf Diefenbaker. Hearing the song for the first time in almost 25 years brought back some old memories and feelings half-buried...of my own trek across the US and of a story that, quite literally, movies are made of.

I had a...let's say turbulent past. Long time ago, pre 9/11, I traveled on a bus across the US. Life at home was turmoil, my parents whom I was still living with while in college, didn't approve of this trek and tried to stop me, but I went anyone. My trip to Idaho, UT, brought me to several different cities. It was an experience....but the story started in Cleveland, OH.
I met a girl. Young, bit older than me at the time. Beautiful, smart, sweet. We were just two travelers sharing stories, until somewhere along the way, it became Before Sunrise, which she mentioned to me and I didn't know. We fell in love. Totally by accident. She wanted me to follow her to Mississippi, which, of course I couldn't, so we parted ways. Very sadly.
Long story short, a few weeks later I was heading back. I called her and we arranged to meet again in Chicago, where we spent our magical day. She got delayed, so I wairted three days at the terminal and toured a bit of the city. Fell in love with it too.
When I finally saw her again, she told me how sad she was when we parted, how deptessed...but how happy she was now that she met her rich doctor back in MI. I was crushed. I was young and inexperienced at the complex emotions of love. I told her how I was trying to just feel happy for her, but was hurt. She told me to call her when she got to her mother's in Vermont.

But she never picked up. I insted reached one of her relatives who told me she was really hurt and didn't want to talk to me. So I hung up...and the years went on. I had my own life happened, lost her number. Never forgot her name. Sometimes still look for her, wonder what she's become, but I never have. I still miss her, all these years later.

That's the story. Thst song, that show left me with bittersweet memories, but it made me thing about her again. And reminds me of Chicago, where for a while, I felt so at home at.
I'll share the link of the song, for those interested.

Take care, people. And thank you kindly 😉


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