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Annoying crows in my backyard. **** I can’t stand their incessant dull and aggravating squawking. And they’re a protected bird in our country so I can’t even get a slingshot (which is illegal to possess here, stupid nanny state) and knock them off. Every **** day they squawk and squawk, ruining the early morning and then the evening. Grrrr.
crows are smart, and I like birds, but holy smokes they can be annoying when they're up a tree just outside your window. Did you know they also like to chew up windscreen wiper rubber? I found that out years ago when I saw all the local kindergarten teachers put plastic shopping bags over their wipers. Must be something in the rubber they like.

Import some hawks.

I see hawks and crows having air battles around here from time to time.

Usually the crows team up and make it 2 on 1, which is a tactic I actually read about them doing, before seeing it happen live a few times. It's pretty bold of them to go up against that beak and talons, but I've seen them drive off a hawk more than once.

If it's 1 v 1, the hawk will have the upper hand, though.
Ever heard her? Interesting, in those days she couldn't play in the US.
Known as the Godmother of R&R--- Amazingly positive-- at a station in the UK:

I'd never heard of her, so thanks for the video, but reading about her though, yes she was shunned by her gospel community, but i can't see anything about her not being allowed to play in the US, since she did play in nightclubs and the like.
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^^in the US the beginnings of R&R began with R&B-- most of which was written and performed by a "minority group"-- they didn't hit the charts---they were shunned at the time. The history of R&R is truly interesting. Been studying it for a long time......... She mostly sang in churches where her abusive Husband was Reverend-- she brought in crowds which brought him $$$$$$$$$$$$$--- She's not even in the R&R Hall of Fame... weird. Yes, she was amazing-- as was an integrated group--- the Del-Vikings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Del-Vikings

Other than that... yeah, learning the history of R&R is quite fascinating... lately, been listening to the backbone of some very big bands-- Nils Lofgren was Springsteen's guy-- in the background... great performer... he shone-

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Ever heard her? Interesting, in those days she couldn't play in the US.
Known as the Godmother of R&R--- Amazingly positive-- at a station in the UK:

Her fingerprints are all over (British) blues guitar, her playing was years ahead of it's time.

You can draw direct lines, for instance, from Rosetta's fluid but always in the pocket rhythm work to Keith Richards' later playing with the Rolling Stones, and hear the influence her lyrical slides would go on to have on Brian Jones, both of whom, along with Clapton, Jeff Beck and many other future guitar luminaries were at the gig in this clip.

I haven't listened to here in years, thanks man, I feel all inspired. :)

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