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I've been cooking up some healthy meals to eat over the next few days. I'm going on a bike ride shortly, and then I'm going to text the guy I keep talking about here. :grimace:
Spent the day recovering from shenanigans. Made some decisions for the end of the month.

Looking forward to Canada Day on July 1st.. so I also was thinking a lot about that.
Well, I had breakfast and got cleaned up this fine Saturday.. but then I thought I'd have tea and somehow managed to fall asleep there for a bit. 😅

Cleaning up the backyard now.
It's Easter Sunday. Woke up early enough. Fed the fish. Went for a 2:40hr ride on my new bike. Bought a couple items at the hardware store and began to realise how tired I was. When I got home I just watched Netflix as I caught up with social media posts.
^^Dam future people trying to confuse me with what day it is....I already have enough trouble with that!

Made coffee and turned on the computer. Next I have to work, make marshmallow fluff for the pie and frosting for the cake, go to my parents for Easter (which is TODAY, not yesterday :p ) lol
Exercised, weeded, washed my bike, let the cat out for a crap, other household chores, and got frustrated with trying to solve my CPU overheating issue and resorted to contacting a pro, which means forking out more money :(
I want more of you :)
Mowed, weed eatted/ate/how ever you would say running a weed eater. Weed eater-ed? Popped into one of my jobs long enough to balance some books. Answered a few emails and was generally lazy.
weed eatted/ate/how ever you would say running a weed eater. Weed eater-ed?
We say “whipper-snipped” 🙂 Don’t you guys say “weed-whacked”?

I had a sleep in before I refreshed my fish tank and then did a really effective weight workout. Now I’m chilling out in front of the fire for the rest of the day.
Woke up.
Logged in from home & did my checkouts at work.
Ran the morning call.
Took a shower.
Went to Home Depot, bought blinds, and installed them after improvising (to get them to fit in the existing holders from the last blinds).
Called a friend & talked for an hour.
Did some more checkouts at work.
Started drinking (on 3rd Martini).
Marinated a strip steak in Fish Sauce, Black Pepper & garlic powder.
Will cook & eat it soon.

And all this while being incredibly distraught & depressed about a very ungrateful female in my life who recently took the cake for ungratefulness..

Ah...the life of an extremely disfunctional guy who is also a highly functional alcoholic...God please send me a massive heart attack...the sooner the better...

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