What is your weather like right now?

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Well I guess if that is what works for you.
The weather is windy and chilly, maybe a little warmer than yesterday.
But chilly is good, because it keeps the daffodils going longer.
And I'm definitely not looking forward to summer, last year the heat was so nasty.
Maybe a little more warmth would be nice, like sweater weather, but I'm fine with the weather as it is right now too.
Autumn has started here. Still a tad warm during the cloudless sunny days but the night is nice for sleeping. Summer wasn’t too bad. They rave on about heatwaves but they are the heatwaves I remember from the 80’s.
Cold, pouring rain and strong winds.
My umbrella popped on the walk home from the train.
Did a good half mile in this deluge.
Ugh - snow! After a beautiful stretch of spring-like weather, it’s now windy and snowing like a bugger - 5 to 10 cm forecast. (and Callie - yes, I still love snow, just not in April) 😂

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