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Mar 23, 2009
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What makes me happy is when i go out with a few friends to buffalo wild wings and walk around after sharing laughs and smiles.
Well...I made up with my friend tonight. I was pissed off at her.
I could had live with or without her.
We went out and had dinner...
anyway...I felt good that we were able to still love each other and not carry the pains between us.

Playing my guitar brings me much joy.

For me...the way I comprehend things...(don't get me wrong...I enjoy friendships and having a great time)
I'm happiness. Happiness is an inside job. I can simply chose to be happy.
Though I'm not perfect at practicing it..but I'm getting better at it.
I still relied on outside conditions for my happiness to a certain piont.
I still have my moments...I still get sad or have many other emotions.

However most of my days or moments now is in a state of happiness
My son....cats.....my cats....snuggling in bed.....playing WoW....my internet forums....watching Dexter and Lost.....rain....drinking beer...painting portraits....some music...friends on the net....my mum....my brother.....Barack Obama.....inspirational stories.
+ many other things.
Snapping pictures, music, enjoying a relatively large bowl of icecream, and being with my family brings me great contentment.
Good fantasy literature (NOT Twilight, ashga;ldgha[igwaqgs;'gfjsa) makes me happy. I love escapism.

Good wine makes me happy. (Red red wine...it's up to you! All I can do, I've done....)

My fire girl calendar makes me happy :p

Sweating makes me happy too.
Lonesome Crow said:
I'm happiness. Happiness is an inside job. I can simply chose to be happy.

I envy you for many reasons. This is one. Well done, Lonesome Crow.

Nothing makes me happy anymore.

catwixen said:
cats.....my cats

Although this comes close for me too.
As does this.

Spare said:
Driving through mountains, a romantic date with a girl I like, seeing a band I love, exploring new places, kissing...

mainly girls though
What makes me happy, is day dreaming about what *would* make me happy. So what would make me happy in a priority based list:

- Finding / making more friends (should be easier than it is)

- Becoming financially secure and independent

- Finding / talking / spending time / settling down with a girl I like (This would be number one, but the above two seem to be prerequisites to attaining this happiness).

- Going away on holidays (never been anywhere, so I don't really know what I'm missing out on anyway, but I'm sure it would feel great to go somewhere new).
A full glass of iced tea on a hot day.
A compliment from out of the blue.
Finding a good movie that I forgot I had.
Walking at night with a cool breeze at my back.

The young lady that jogs past my balcony in the obscenely short shorts. Perhaps I should give her a compliment and offer her some tea.
The thing that makes me feel the most happiest is being out under a clear dark sky with my telescope and observing all the wonders of the heaven's. Sometimes I just let my mind dream away my own explorations on my own startship.

Dogs and puppies make me happy too. I just can't resist a cuddle from a puppy.

Cooking meals for others gives me a sense of contentment and pleasure, espeically when they enjoy the dish.

When I was to escape the troubles in my mind I will watch Star Trek TNG and DS9 and dream of a better place.
Nothing makes me happy. I don't remember ever really being happy. The closest I've come is momentary contentment.
Playing the piano...
Good music...
Arrested Development/It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...
Completing video games...
Hearing my kiddo laugh...
Dresses... :p
Ramen Noodles!

I'm easy to please I think. :)
Volunteer Dog Walks
Running and other exercises
Watching a real good film
Cooking something different for the first time and it turns out tasty and great
Sunny summer sundays
That first deep breath after a good writing session.
Playing music.
Time with family and friends.
Reading a good book, or watching a good movie.
Monty Python.
Spare said:
Reading a good book, or watching a good movie.
Monty Python.

Hell yea!

What makes me happy...
Music. Swimming. Drinking coffee early in the morning outside when its cold.
This sounds all cheesy but I like lying down on my bed when the sun shines through the window onto my bed.
Most happiness comes from within but,
- love from my family
- eating BBQ ribs
- great sex
- having fun with my friends
- dancing to good music
- smoking a cigar
This is what makes me happy!

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