What time did you get out of bed today?

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7:00 AM.

So far I only have one "fail" bedtime/awake time all week, and that was only because my computer froze and I wanted to resolve it before bed.

As long as I have breakfast and coffee, I can become a "morning person" after all.
10:45am. I don't have much to get up for, but I don't like to sleep in too late when the days are so nice, but today I decided to stay in bed, but I was awake thought for almost 2hrs from 5am. It's midday now and I really don't have anything to do. I supposed I'll just have to find something.
Still got elbow recovery going on, right dude?

Also yeah I'm not waking up today. Jesus that sounded dark. All I'm saying is it's five in the morning and I may as well stay awake for the day. 🙂
yes, still recovering, but it's come good enough that I've started some weight work today, which I'm happy about.
6:57 AM

Glad to say I got a perfect week last week, for waking up and going to bed on time.
It's nothing formal, just some rules I made for myself as part of changing myself from approaching life like "nothing matters, I probably can't get anywhere anyway" to a more goal-oriented life, because I really want to change my life to something better. Hopefully I can keep the chain going.

One good thing about it, is that I've been doing it for long enough, that I'm actually more naturally alert, and tired, on time. I still need coffee in the morning, but it's less of a struggle to drag myself to the coffee machine. And when it's close to bedtime and I feel myself yawning, I usually just go to bed, telling myself that it's better to listen to my body and go to bed, and to do things alert in the morning, than to force it when I'm tired. So there's that.
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