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Haha. You have been watching me park, haven't you? I frequently don't stay within the lines so I always open the door and look before I even turn the car off so I'm not hogging two spaces.

Oh. I thought you meant crazy and a nice way. I want to change my answer then. Probably 3 years ago when the neighbor called me nasty names.

When was the last time you saw a cat take a shower in the sink?
So you had a dirty cat? 😂 One of mine thinks she's a duck. Ironically, I found her by the lake that has a lot of ducks. She's fallen into the shower a few times.

Bananas? At least 3 months because the stores have some really bad looking bananas.

When was the last time you filled gas?
Yeah, my cat loved rolling around in the dirt and would always walk around with piles of dirt and leaves on his back. Ha! ha! I'd brush them off and he'd go back outside and get more dirt. ha! ha!

Yeah, the bananas are greenier then most of the vegetables.

About a week ago. I'm good for about another month or so.

When was the last time you plucked your eyebrows?
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Closest I've come in forever us a chocolate covered ice cream bar a couple weeks ago.

When was the last time you answered a spam call with a highly inappropriate remark? Cause sometimes that is ******* hilarious

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