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What Breaks Your Heart? (Seriously)
The shallow and simple nature of our social construct and that many are more inclined to just let it be as such and follow directions rather than attempt to tinker with its mechanisms. I find it to be more like an artifice that keeps people from having to think for themselves most of the time. For many people though, that's comfortable. A lot of people don't want to think because it causes conflict between their thoughts and their feelings. It does with me as well, I just...have learned the hard way that listening to my feelings instead of my thoughts often leads me to a great deal of unnecessary pain had I just done it the other way around instead. The emphasis that American culture has on designer materialism and commercialism is also a large part of that problem though. Or to put it simply: When people will trample other people to death in a Wal-Mart Black Friday sale, that says a lot about how fucked up things are in this country. There's also been a recent news story about a couple of younger kids, late teens to early 20s, wherein one kid actually murdered the other kid over his Playstation 4, assuming the victim to be the thief. That's why I don't watch the news, because it's pretty much always depressing. I get it: You lost some expensive electronic equipment, it's happened to me before, but fucking shit I didn't murder someone for it. That something so fake as a virtually designed world can hold such strength over another person to dilute a person to throw their life away entirely over it, is beyond me. A lot of people kill each other over really stupid stuff in the U.S. In Texas a while back, there were a father and son arguing over trash with their neighbors, a husband and wife. Grown men, 22 I think, and 43-50, arguing with another 40-50 year old couple about trash pickup and location. I think like a bed mattress or frame or something. Anyway, it got out of hand and the father and son actually shot and killed the man they lived next door to....over a dispute about trash and a heated how dumb can you get?? These sorts of things, a complete and total lack of characteristic depth and meaning, these are the kinds of things that break my heart. That's why I don't like stupid people, or people that habitually do highly risky stupid things. I'm not exactly Mr. Abide By The Law myself, but I don't let myself get that out of control and fucked up, you know? I mean, outside of work I predominately live in one room. Even back when I lived in a 2/1 apartment with my ex when she was basically never home I still, pretty much only lived in one room. Obviously, kitchen and shower and grocery store runs are a thing but I feel no need really, to be in the living room, or dining room, for example. Every now and then I'll slip outside to the garage or back yard to smoke and think, but that's only if the weather's right and the drones aren't making their circles on patrol. I kinda feel like the world is becoming more and more dangerous around me and so I'm less and less inclined to partake in its shenanigans.
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"
Uncared for children
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss
My nephew choosing to spend most of Christmas Day alone in his room playing video games. I don't blame him tbh, but it just seemed really sad.
I feel bad when tykes have disabilities.

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