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PS4 or Xbox One? Some say it's a walk over...
I have: Xbox 360, Wii, and Gamecube. (And I still like my Gamecube over the damn Wii ;p)

To be honest... Though I like the controls of the Xbox controller, VS the PS3, the fact Xbox wanted to "not lose as much money" with the overrated attempt to stop people from sharing, swapping or selling games... I would not expect them to pull that idea out of the crapper after people have bought their product. If and when I choose to "upgrade" to whatever new thing is coming out... I'd have to go with the PS4.

I tend to wait for a while, before getting any new console.
Xbox One named a top "breakthrough" product of 2013
Popular Mechanics magazine calls Xbox One both evolutionary and revolutionary; Oculus VR founder named to list of innovators who changed the world in 2013.

[Image: 106799.jpg]
XB1, easy decision, the PS4 has nothing whatsoever that interests me, any exclusive that i doubted would appear on Xb1 have been crushed, FF15 and KH3 YES!

Tldr: XB1 = Dead Rising 3
"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." -Friedrich Nietzsche
Video About Xbox One Pulled For Being About Xbox One

"Vsauce3's Fact Surgery videos, a YouTube series who's sole purpose is to both educate and entertain its viewers while dissecting consoles of old and new, recently saw its latest video removed from the platform for violating its terms of service agreement. In reality: the video was taken down due to receiving one too many dislikes and negative comments."

Full story.

The video was the one I posted here though you'll be unable to watch it of course!

EDIT: It's already been reported to be back online, I assume it's an automated process when a video gets a lot of flags.
[Image: 2vj1q3q.jpg]
I have a PS+ membership until Dec 2015 so there's no way I can pick an Xbone or Wii U over 2 years of "free" games. I only want 1 console next gen and fortunately it is indeed a walk over in just about every area of comparison.
[Image: 1266580397_the_good_tvejfi.gif]
Microsoft recently reduced the price of their consoles to compete with SONY (Since they're "loosing"... by a lot) and that's caused a big upset since they're so damn expensive and people want to be refunded the difference - it's hardly been on the market long, either. I'd say that's pretty unfair.
[Image: 2vj1q3q.jpg]
It's the price you pay for being an early adopter. I've bought pretty much every games console on their respective release days, only to be shafted a few months later when the price dropped. The worst one was the Nintendo 64 which knocked 40% off it's UK price less than 2 months after it's release...

Ironically, the only time I was ever offered anything was when Microsoft gave me 2 free games and a free controller when they dropped the price of the original Xbox.
I doubt I'll be buying either, maybe once child support ends in several years, but I'd definetely go Xone. Simply because, and I know I'm one of the rare people who had that experience and those problems, but when I bought my PS2 several years ago Sony gave me ZERO support, or even decency. There were a-holes from the GITGO, I had no end of problems with that day one release of the PS2 and they were charging me 200 bucks for a replacement even though it wasn't bought 3 weeks before. It ended up costing me a clean up every month through a guy I know for 50 bucks, which is not an investement I wanted to make at the time.
So yeah, Sony must die. And I know, I heard it more often than not the other way around, but it wasn't my experience. With Microsoft, even though I had MORE problems with my boxes, their after sales service is TOP NOTCH. I don't have a bad word to say about them. They even credited me several hundred dollars worth of games for the inconveniences.

But, you know, I like playing offline, so I don't think I'll buy either, it's all going online nowadays. Also, prices they get released now? I'm thinking of just buying a PC eventually. Idea with a console is it should be cheap and just for games. At 600, I can buy parts to a decent, more performing computer system. I don't see why I'd waste the money.
PS4, without a doubt.
I have a PS4 and a PSVita. Mainly its memories from good experiences from when I had a PS1. But really, which system is no big deal. My little Brother has XBOXOne and it's great for him.

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