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The truth game.
The biggest shame? oww dear me. Now that is spicing it up a little bit don't you think lol No wonder no one has answered this lol OK all answer it. Me not bothered Rolleyes

It was when I was 18 and had to keep going to hospital to have my back checked out. Thing is I had been with the GF the night be for if you get what am saying and she had scratched my back with her nils quit a bit Shy (How honest is this) Well I had to take my top of for the doctor not thinking about the marks and my mum and dad where both there and my mum was like what are them marks. I think the Doctor know but did not say anything lol I also think my dad had guessed as well. Well all the way back in the car my mum just would not leave it alone. I mean what could have I had said to her lol There was no way I was telling her how they got there. All I could say is I don't know where there from lol I think my dad had a quiet word with her later on. The next time the GF was up at mine my mum was looking at her a bit funny. I can remember my GF asking me if she had done anything to upset my mum lol. I was like nerr don't think so haha She never know what happened at the hospital. Good times.

What is the most embarrassing moment you can think of that happened to you?
Nobody dares to answer? lol Wink We'll, i'll do the "honour" then =P

When i was 16, my mom and her man hired a nice little cabin near the sea for a little mini-vacation for two weeks, which i came along to. Along came also some of the kids from the other family (my mom's guys'). So... i was "stroking the salami" on the second floor of the cabin where i was alone on of those days, and suddenly heard someone coming up the stairs. As i was right about to uh... "end it", it became one of those beat-the-clock kind of situations, but since the stairway weren't that long i realized i had to hold it within me and put the little devil back in it's proper place. And i managed to do this and act like nothing special was going on RIGHT before the oldest daughter of my mom's guy came around the corner to check what was going on...

Most of us guys has been in a situation like this, but it's still extremely embarrassing! Phew... it wasn't easy to be a teenager... oh boy, hehe Wink

This one was so much "fun" to answer (thank ALOT Bluey! Wink ) that i'm gonna let it continue! =P

What is the most embarrassing moment you can think of that happened to you?
OUCH! lol i cant believe you told us that lol hahaha Caaaaara!!!! PQP, meeeeo lol

ok... I have one (a hundred to be honest lol)! It was when i was a teen, 16 and going to 17 years old. And i was with my first bf at his beach house that had a private beach and we were going to there but on during the night it was raining. Sooo, in the morning, i putted my cuttest bikini, trying to be very beautiful for him lol and very sexy (gee, im blushing lol) and when he saw me i thought "im going to marry *.* " lol so we went to the beach BUT!! the house was on a high place and to arrive on the beach we used to need to walk (down) a litlle bit, in the midle of trees and on that place it was not sand, it was earth? that with the water of the rain became... MUD! So i told him: Hold my hand, hold my hand, give me your hand!!! But he was a bit far from me, trying to find a place to step and just then help me. So i got a bit angry and tried to go by my own u.u sooo i slided? (not sure if its the word) and i went down alll the way to the beach lol cause of the mud. I felt like is i was in a toboggan. I saw my bf staying behind i should have said "hi and bye" cause it was really fast. I stoped on the sand (thanks god) And tried to stand up fast and act like if nothing had happened and gee! i never thought it would be possible to have so much mud into my bikini panties x) So i went to the sea to wash it and my self and saw him coming with a funny smile so i though "Im not going to marry :S"
ok!!! Who is the next? Cause the question was the same twice!!! (should i change a word so nobody will notice it? :K )
Link for a toboggan pic ^.^
Its better another question or nobody will post... >.>
Lol i just thought in a question nobody would answer lol nvm. What was the biggest lie you ever told someone and why?
Why do always check this thread when questions like this are asked? Wink

I lied about my mom giving me a small capital when i hit 18 like most others i know got to my current spouse and her best friend when they were discussing it like it was nothing special and then asked me about it. That was two years ago now i think.

Right, so perhaps it's time for a question someone wouldn't be ashamed to answer, eh? Wink

Which is Your favourite beverage?
Green tea

Do you have any odd talents?
I can make my fingers all pop in and out of place and i can talk like i got throat cancer weird I know.

what is your favorite genre of music?
[Image: hijacc1v2.gif]
Ministry of sound and almost anything out of the 80's

What do you think of the admin here?
Bluey Wrote:Ministry of sound and almost anything out of the 80's

What do you think of the admin here?

he's a mystery to me since he not on its always hard to get into a conversation with him but i think very highly of bjarne Smile.

if you could alter space in time what would you do?
(nerdy but my mind is sleepy,late here Toungue)
[Image: hijacc1v2.gif]
Admin being Bjarne? I've never spoken to him, but he seems pretty awesome.

Ok, is it better to tell someone the absolute truth, even if it will hurt them, or to keep it a secret to protect them, even if it means it might hurt you to keep that secret?

EDIT: oops, too slow. disregard my slowness then. and i guess dissregard this post along with it.
like a kerosene fire in a tobacco shed

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