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Extremely rough time at work....
No, I can't get on welfare.
Nor do I really want to be.
I came out of a home with both of my parents, my grandparents, and my little sister and me all in it. Plus a lot of cats, and occasionally my extended family would stay in the living room for months at a time.
So, while I'm used to being confined and restricted, I can say that, physically, it's quite painful, to not have any other food in the house other than green beans and bread, which, don't really mix. Haha....

Despite that, I don't really value my money.
I use it wisely, and sparingly, and live as minimally as my body will allow me to. It works out in my favor actually because I have a long-standing conceptual interest in minimalism.
Money isn't too much of a problem with me, so much as it is that it's basically all I do really have -_-

Really, I need like a cubicle data entry job.
The only reason why I'm still at my current job is that I'm sticking it out for the resume until November. By then, my resume will read that I've worked at this place 3 years, and have been an assistant manager for 2/3 of those years, the minimum standard requirement for managerial applications and transference here. After that, with any luck, I'll go to apply at Costco. They only hire part-time entry level but my resume should probably precede that to full-time. Entry level applicants there make a higher pay grade than I do, I could just do there what I have my workers do and make more money for less work hours. Besides, it'd be nice to have a drone job again. When you're an operations manager of a small local wholesale business/warehouse, you've gotta think your way out about nearly every single thing. It's mentally exhausting. It's physicality has started to take it's weight on me in age over time, but I'm less concerned about that. Really, I'd like to just flip this around, to where my job is a bit less stressful and a bit less taxing on me to where I can do something I actually enjoy doing??? hahaha

Everything's a joke in the U.S. not just the laws. Everyone's out for their own greed here, especially down here in Florida.

Yeah, when he gets back from his vacation eventually I'll get out at a reasonable hour again....if I'm still much shit's gotten fucked up by the owner that the accountant CAN'T take it out on him, which means, he's gonna start taking it out on everyone else below him instead....

He's a spoiled child, and with some mental illnesses. To be 32 years old, and to get so mad that you still knock holes in walls and break your clipboard against a post while yelling at your staff is not only unprofessional but also, kind of scary for the sake of our employment, and yet, also sad to watch someone go through that still at that age in a professional environment nevertheless...
I honestly hate the man.
I hate the company at this point.

I can't wait until November, and I'll start applying to places where their employees are at least not mentally abused like that after doing physically laborious work all day.

It's kinda dumb.
I could buy a new, used take me to the nowhere in town that interests me, with the friends I don't have, because I never go out to meet anybody, because I'm only paid enough to survive and slowly save. -_-

Most people break under that over time. It's quite a mental game.
I have my ups and downs with it, but on the whole, I'm always unsure and paranoid.

Me becoming a manager there was a total fluke.
At that time in my life, I'd applied there because I wanted out of the restaurant I was working in the kitchen for. I wasn't making enough to cover my bills. Between that and finding my current job I'd gone through a pretty rough breakup, that was really more like a divorce almost, if you consider how long we were together at 24 years old and being together for 8 1/2 I applied at a physical job on a reference basically to try to work myself into the ground and make it look like an accident.

Management fell into my lap by the guy who was doing the management at the time but without the title. He'd gotten lazy and strung out by money. Not really fault of his own, companies like this do this to people...that's how the company burns people out over time stringing them along inch by inch...

I've been working there for 3 years, and I've seen 40 different employees quit, get fired, or change positions.
In my experience, the only way to fix over-exerted and under-appreciated at work, is to look for other work....I'm sorry. I wish I had more helpful responses. Others may
(05-23-2015, 05:06 AM)lonelydoc Wrote: Is getting on welfare an alternative?

I know it can be hard for single men but at some point I may have to.  I've basically quit society and have quit working.  I don't care anymore, at all.

Ah the welfare state.
I hate my job too, buddy, so I can completely relate.
As deaddemosthenes said, probably the only solution is looking for a new job. As for me, at average I change full-time jobs every 10-12 months; sometimes I have breaks with only part-time jobs. Can't say it helps much, but at least I didn't yet kill anybody because of hatred that growth from being in unhealthy job environment.
Contro l'oro c'è il sangue - e fa la storia!

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