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(08-04-2017, 12:41 AM)Richard_39 Wrote: [quote pid='848150' dateline='1501770906']

(08-02-2017, 02:46 PM)Osiris Wrote: Work, buy, consume, sleep, repeat. That's what we're really taught as kids..

Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.

Sorry. Just went Brock Lesnar for a second there ;-)

Eat. Sleep. Beat your meat. Treat the feet. To the sweet milky seat... repeat?
(08-04-2017, 01:01 AM)SilentLife Wrote: Ah, yes!

That's because if you build things to last for eternity, then one day people would stop buying stuff. Everyone already has one and everything works well. And that would be a disaster for economy!

That's why they build things, which last only a certain amount of time, because you would then need to shop again and - voila - you get income, business keeps going and thus economy model too. Toungue
Exactly Big Grin

And what a great business model that is!

We're screwed, we're soooooo screwed Big Grin
Crowd control situation! *machine gun fire intensifies*

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