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PS4 Peeps Out There?
Any of you guys / gals got a PS4?

I'm not the biggest gamer out there but I'm all for the socialising while playing. Although I have an obsession for Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3.
I have one and play stuff occasionally. If you want my PSN, PM me. I don't want to post it publicly.
I have a PS4, but I suck too hard to play Dark Souls.
I just got one.... well, "just" meaning half a year ago. I'm slowly playing more games, but I think I still prefer the 3's general library and layout just a bit more.

But the good games are really good.
[Image: giphy.gif]
It takes a certain kind of bad ass to play dark souls.
Rejoined site last night.

Anyone up for this? Will be a week or so yet. TalkTalk need to pull their finger out.

Autmumntranspire, Dark Souls is easier with some helpful advice. Problem is, lads run off and get killed cuz they don't listen or too impatient. Kills pick it up quicker, and become bad ass to it pretty soon.
"At some point, we've all won that race - us vs at least 40,000,000 others... Seems a bit silly to give up now."

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