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Chat room!
How to join chat: Simply post in this thread requesting to join. You will be private messaged with a link. You must have a current forum account in order to be in the chat.

To make your invitation permanent, you must claim your Discord account. That has nothing to do with ALL, rather Discord itself. You'll need to put in an email and a password for Discord, and then, when you log back in, any Discord servers you have joined will be listed for you to participate in.

*Note to Safari users* Discord seems to not currently work correctly on Safari. So if you'd like to join, please make sure you are joining on a different browser before using your invite link.

If you want to keep coming back to the Discord chat, be sure to claim your account. It's easy and simple to do, however, if you should need help, feel free to message for assistance.

Chat guidelines: These guidelines have been put in place to try to ensure that all members have a chance to actively engage other members in real-time chat in a comfortable environment.

*Conduct yourself in a civil manner. Do not insult, threaten, or spread rumors about other forum members.

*Racial slurs, sexist remarks, gender-based insults, sexual orientation-based insults, hate speech, sexual harassment or malicious harassment will not be tolerated.

*Do not post nudity, pornographic content, or extreme gore. Keep conversations incorporating graphic sexual content to a minimum.

*Please keep your conversation in main chat to English.

*Religious debate is not permitted in chat.

*Do not talk about the desire or intent to commit violent and/or criminal acts. Do not promote such acts.

*You are not allowed to chat under the guise of another forum member.

*Do not disclose personal information pertaining to other members.

*You must comply with the chat moderators' instructions.

*No arguing about the rules or purposely skirting the rules to test our boundaries.

*If a moderator wishes to verify your identity by asking for you to PM them on the forum, you must comply.

*If you are having issues with a chat member, do not address it in main chat. PM a moderator with your concerns.

*If you are having issues with a chat moderator, do not address it in the chat room, PM TheRealCallie or VanillaCreme on the forum with your concerns.

*If you have a chat room issue, do not discuss it on the forum via threads or posts, PM TheRealCallie or VanillaCreme on the forum with your concerns.

*If you choose to block a moderator, it is does not override being told something. If a moderator tells you to do something and you do not comply, you will be subject to the appropriate penalty. Ignorance doesn't not excuse any type of behavior.

*If you are banned from the forum, you will not lose your chat privileges for the duration of your ban, however, if it becomes a permanent ban on the forum, you will be removed from the chat.

*If you make the decision to have your forum account closed, you will be removed from the ALL Discord server. We will make an exception for long time members.

*We ask that members who wish to participate in chat use their forum names. You may sign up for Discord with whatever name you choose, however, upon joining the ALL Discord server, your name will be changed in accordance to your forum account. The name change will only be seen on the ALL Discord server, and will not affect any other Discord servers you have joined. The name change is done simply to know who everyone is for both the chat room moderators and the members in chat.

*These guidelines are to be interpreted and enforced by the chat room's moderators, and may be subject to change by the chat admins.

*This is a private, moderated chat room with its own guidelines. If you do not wish to comply with them, then you are free to not participate.

*Chat invite links are set for a one-time use, typically for a span of 24 hours. If you do not use it before the time expires, you'll need to request another.*

Happy chatting! Big Grin

Notes for chat moderators - permabanned members: Cynic, Poguesy, AaronWilde, Cas, gutted, miltonbradley, Frey12, Dave, Andre/Samhain, wookz, CyaReality, desertwolf, PieBeNice, Tiger, Xpendable, Tsar, GizmonicScrewdriver

Here are screen captions that will show you EXACTLY how to register once you enter the chat room.

*Edit for new chat*
“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”
*Bump* Cool

I'd like to join ^^
(10-28-2015, 11:04 PM)Wayfarer Wrote: I'd like to join ^^

Well, could you hook me up too Toungue ?
[Image: DGTlpXL.png]
(10-29-2015, 03:15 AM)Eteled Wrote: Well, could you hook me up too Toungue ?

(10-29-2015, 03:20 AM)mintymint Wrote:
(10-29-2015, 03:15 AM)Eteled Wrote: Well, could you hook me up too Toungue ?


What happened?

I'd like to join chat.
I suppose it's sexier to be outright evil than to just be incompetent at being good.- mintymint
(10-29-2015, 05:14 AM)Oldyoung Wrote:
(10-29-2015, 03:20 AM)mintymint Wrote:
(10-29-2015, 03:15 AM)Eteled Wrote: Well, could you hook me up too Toungue ?


What happened?

I'd like to join chat.

I came back just for the chat room.... Cool

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