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Aug 3, 2022
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Hello, all your fellow gamers, this is a thread I made that goes over interests I have in games from PC to Console here I will post games information on interesting characters in said games that of interest to me up and coming games for console and for pc (since I have an interest in both.) This thread is dedicated for the sole purpose of recommendations on games or sharing discussion on characters you enjoyed on said games, why you liked them, why you dislike them (please don't be toxic) if there is a game that you disliked here in this list that is fine as well, but this is more of an interest in these games (my interest) and is really more of an information sharing thread. If you do not like video games, I respect that this is not a place for you, and should not try to criticize or harass others for liking video games (respect me as I respect you right to be you) I hope that this will bring more gamers to share their interests since I do not hear too much from gamers on this site hope you enjoy thanks for reading hope you all enjoy. :)

To start off this thread I would like to take a look at some of the up-and-coming games for 2023 on console

00:00 - Avowed 01:00 - Black Myth: Wukong 04:30 - Project Relic 05:23 - The Lost Wild 06:27 - Diablo 4 09:47 - The Outer Worlds 2 11:12 - Wronged Us 12:20 - Ad Infinitum 12:53 - Everspace 2 13:37 - Grave


Avowed looks like looks like its going to be an interesting game so far I am a fan of Skyrim type games mostly into mmorpg style gaming the graphics look really good it definitely has similarities to the Elder Scrolls franchise theme but it didn't show third person gameplay not too much into first person gameplay myself, but I have many friends that enjoy playing first person mainly in Skyrim or shooter games though. Hopefully it has a 3rd person view as well or I may pass this game up however like I said judging from the couple of minutes looking at the graphics and mechanics of this game I may consider playing it who knows maybe if it's a good open world game with decent amount of content since I tend to be able to complete games reach fast that could make me loose interest.

Black Myth Wukong I don't think I would be very much into this game though it looks like a mmorpg I don't like the setup or the overall theme of it he looks to be a humanoid monkey? fighting other monkeys? well at least from the few moments that it showed him fighting that's what he was fighting why do I want monkeys as villains (I like monkeys) well I guess it wouldn't be the first time I had to fight a monkey in a game but I hope this isn't the majority of the villain types in this game but yea it's probably not my kind of game.

Project Relic this one looks more like a pc game mmorpg it has diversity in monsters but the screen time it had was too short to tell if it's for pc or not hmm I might look into this game a bit more to see if it is in fact a pc game and if its open world or non-open I'm not too big on dungeon crawler games but there are some that are pretty good that I have played idk I will investigate further into this game at a later time.

The lost World eh, it didn't bother to show me gameplay footage so I won't know some dinosaur games are interesting Ark is one can remember off the top of my head Monster hunter is another one, but this is more like Jurassic Park, right? I think I'll pass I didn't even watch the latest movie of it yet.

Diablo 4 no, sorry I don't like their company anymore since they made world of warcraft level upgrade to max cash shop available. I am not knocking Diablo It may be a great game for the fanbase it has my friend is a Diablo fan, but I won't play with him anytime soon on this game to many bad memories.

The Outer Worlds 2 hey a game I actually remember playing it was pretty good game at the time outer worlds 1 that is but the speed runners killed it burned it into the ground... It was really short game content but the graphics at the time were really good it had factions and decisions you could make to have people hate or like you and you could charm and other stuff with npcs but it was short content... hopefully they make this one longer than the previous one I would like to be able to interact more with the npcs I like dialog and back stories in characters.

Wronged Us pass... I'm not a big fan of horror games or horror anything I have a mental illness I see horror stuff a lot I don't need more of it but if it's something others might be interested in more power to you (power to the gamers.)

Ad Infinitum pass... great another horror game I already kind of explained this

Everspace 2 I may try this one I never played too much sci fi games, but I am willing to give this one a try after I play (Starfield) another game that's up and coming not mentioned on this list I will post that game here as well it looks really good, and I like Bethesda games for the most part

Grave interesting survival theme of the wild west but eh, looks like another horror game, I love survival games it makes me think in different ways and tests my gaming skill sometimes, but I don't like the horror look to this game, so I don't think I'll try it.
hey, look I mentioned Ark and now Ark 2 comes out right on

oh, I'm a big fan of the Gotham series of games can't wait to see that come out maybe play as Robin or Night Wing I am a Batman fan

woo Starfield, can't wait to see how turns out

I knew they were coming out with a new assassin's creed game just didn't know the name of it till now ok so its rift not many are big fans of assassin's creed franchise as of late a lot of people didn't like the Odyssey, or Valhalla titles of the franchise but to be honest they were not bad in fact Odyssey had a huge amount of content so much in fact that I still have not finished all the side missions and stories and I'm a game completionist.

Alot of my friends are really looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy the open world Harry Potter game it looks interesting I'm open to playing this game it's graphics and customization of character looks really good, and I used to be a Harry Potter fan.

Oh, new God of War game I never played the franchise, but I hurd good things about it from my friends maybe it would be worth playing.

woo Fable, finally but still no release date... but still I have bin waiting for this game for a while
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A more in depth Look at the upcoming Starfield game coming soon can't wait to see how this game turns out I have high hopes it will be just as good as Skyrim.
Though I have not recently met any people on this thread who has shared they play PC games here are some of the newest to date up and coming pc games 2022 to 2023
I haven't played a lot of racing games since the need for speed franchise back in 2020 here are some of those but grand Turismo is a great franchise as well :)
Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 is still my fave.... 🥸
maybe you will enjoy this
here are some more up and coming racing games coming out 2022-2023 for those who are also into racing games
A closer look at the newest Harry Potter franchise video game called Hogwarts Legacy as mentioned before in previous post recommended to me by my friends who wish to explore and play this unique looking game with fully customizable character creation.
Not going to lie it looks very interesting if it stays true to the lore of the Harry Potter Books and or Movies it could potentially be a quite enjoyable game. Though I have never personally tried any of the previous Harry Potter games I wouldn't know what to compare it to if anyone has ever played any of the previous Harry Potter games some insight into the game aspect of this franchise would be appreciated. The plus to me is 1 is a customizable character I enjoy that in games I do not like gender locked games where I'm forced to play a girl or a boy exclusively to certain character types. 2 it is an open world and from what I hear from others a massive open world experience (though probably not as massive open world as Starfield I mean come on over 1000 planets to explore?? am I right??)
Game Recommendations:

Though this game has bin out for months now here is a very decent challenging game with beautiful graphics a good combat system fully customizable character system, this game has everything your probably looking for in a mmorpg game Its a great open world it has lore (from one of the great authors (in my opinion) Gorge R.R. Martin) author of Game of Thrones series I played this game in great detail beat it on every difficulty unlocked every ending and every weapon and armor type it was a great game just wish my friends would have stuck around to play it with me, But it is very unforgiving, it does not hold your hand if you are familiar with the Dark Souls franchise you will know what I mean. If you have any questions on this game I am here to answer them I am waiting currently on the expansion of this game because I am bored passing the base content over and over again.
Here is another game that is a bit older but recently has got and expansion fast-paced shooter game made by Square Enix it was a bit short to me on content, but I am used to a lot of content in games and tend to pass the rather quickly. It had great graphics for its time its fast paced you can co-op or run solo it's an instance-based shooter game with end game raids. Has different classes you can choose from that have unique skills only for that specific class.
Another dated game but is really great franchise to play if you haven't is Monster Hunter a game that you can explore its very open world there are monster that you hunt, and you can tame or you can kill and use their material as weapons, provisions, tools there is a hunting system it's all about strategy because some of the monster you hunt are difficult to kill or tame oh and your pets can also help you fight its very interesting.
Another game you might want to pick up before the new version comes out is Outer Worlds a interesting sci-fi mmorpg game thought its short (well for me it was) it had great graphics interesting character interaction with decisions you can make with npcs that have altering (game changing) dialog options. Choose a faction and save the planet or destroy it be part of the organization or become a rebel or a psychopath there were many options you could have. the character customization was good the view was first to third person different verity of enemies it was interesting.
I am no master at this game but it was very interesting none the less part of my favorite franchise series Elder Scrolls Online is massive (and I do mean massive) mmorpg it has very frequent content expansions and a lot of things you can do in the world of Nirn from professions like: jewel crafting, cooking, blacksmithing, leatherworking, herbalism (aka making potions), woodworking, weapon smithing, rune crafting, you could construct or deconstruct everything listed to make or gain material. You could ride mounts, swim, fish, hunt animals for material, you could go on treasure hunts which was called excavating you could pick locks from treasure chest good/bad you could pickpocket you could sell items you found in your journeys via npc or on a guild market. You could also search for lost lore books that told the history of Tamriel which is tied into a guild system called the mages guild each guild system has its own way of contributing to said guild system that I know of as of time of posting there are different guilds as fallowed: the mages guild, the thief's guild, the companions (aka the warriors guild) the dark brotherhood (aka the assassins guild.) There are things in the world scattered all over Tamriel called sky shards these give your character extra skill points so you can you the many different skill trees (and there are a lot of them). You can play open world this game is huge, and it has many different expansions some zones are free some you will have to buy or subscribe to the ESO plus membership to have all the expansions (I would buy the subscription) it also gives you an unlimited carry supply bag if you don't buy it you're going to have to manage your inventory (if your good at this well, that's great! I'm not... I want to collect and keep everything I see) oh yea and there PvP zones and instance. Man, I could go on in depth about this game, but it would be very lengthy topic if there's anything I missed I am sorry feel free to add your experience with the game.
Another game that has seen many expansions and has proven to withstand the test of time for many years Is Destiny 2, a sci-fi shooter mmorpg that is semi open world has a decent number of zones and content (though a bit repetitive at times) for a new player may prove enjoyable. You can modify weapon mods do, side missions, story missions, faction missions, participate in instances like crucible (pvp) gambit (hybrid of pvp and team) vanguard (co-op) raids. there is an ok character customization though it's kind of out of date to my taste, there are points that you accumulate for different factions or credits that you earn that can be exchanged for merchandise from weapons to color schematics for your armor as well as mods for your weapons there is also special currency that you get called cyphers which you can trade with a rare item merchant named Xur 1 time every week at random locations throughout the galaxy. there are 3 different types of classes of Guardians that later on you can upgrade through expansions (real world money) or just play base game but there is a level cap that if you are a free player, you can't cross that's the downside...

Of those original ten i am looking forward to Avowed, Diablo 4, and The outer worlds 2.

Since you like skyrim and MMORPGs maybe youd like TES online? It does have that third person perspective as well as first person.

This year im looking forward to The Callisto protocol, and the new pokemon games. Was also looking forward to Hogwarts legacy, but it was delayed again.
If you play pokemon maybe we can battle sometime if you like, i almost never use legendaries(except Raikou), but i have a very strong team regardless, often taking down legendary teams regardless, sometimes with just one pokemon even lol.
Yea most of my friends are looking forward to that Hogwarts legacy, I am also look forward to Avowed.

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