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Yes. I want to live in the woods. Cities are for occasional outings.

Do you like Stephen King stories?
No but I do like to eat. I can get piggish over some things and be sorry I did. The thing is I don't eat when I'm busy and I'm busy a lot, so I don't eat more in a day, just at a time.

Do you like five star cuisine, or two star burger and fries.
It depends on the weather, and the atmosphere. I like a diner. I'd eat inside. If it is like Applebees or Olive Garden, I'll eat outside.

Do you like normal pizza, or creative pizza like Hawaiian, or some other weird artsy pizza?
Not Jeno's or Totinos but not super expensive pizza either. We have a nearby pizza shop that I just love and Pizza Hut and other chains have good pizza, too.

Do you like the sound of sirens when you're sitting outside?

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