Does anyone was a weirdo around people and know feels much more normal ?

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Aug 7, 2021
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It wasnt a better way to say it. Im 30 now. Ive been always a weird guy in the social aspect. Its a long story, gonna skip about my childhood. But when I was 22 I think or 21 I went first time to university, I had some friends I met because I wanted to join a band and I met them (people older than me, on their 30s). The thing is that I always had troubles socializing. I had friends, and could meet people. But... its hard to explain, I never fixed well. Even with my friends, I had times where I wasnt in the same page they were. And many times I like my friends, but I just didnt like at all their friends and I couldntbget along with them.

Sometimes I expected too much from my friends. Ive always have different interests than most people, I like "intelectual" things so my friends seemed too shallow and uninteresting for me, Ive been an obssesive. I started moving away from my friends because felt so bored with them. Music made me meet some friends, but then I just couldnt have an interesting talk about music with them, their words were just so uninteresting for me.

Anyway, Ive been also a weird person in other social situations too. Talking with people I dont know, etc.

The thing is now I feel pretty normal. I always felt so different to the rest, and with time, thinking and processing my life, now I feel more conected to people. Its like I found "how to live", and "how I can be". Time ago I was just a mess inside my mind. Now I feel I know howbI want to live, and Ive figured out people more.

I still feel "different" from the rest. My interests are very particular. I mean... about music, Im the kind of guy that goes alone to hear a classical synphonic, analyze the synphonic, and plays music alone, most people just listen whatever trash is on the radio. I look for foreigner films from small European countries. I think about psychology, do a research, I download a paper and spend some time reading it and thinking about it. Most people just dont do that.

But anyways, someone relates to this ?
I've always felt weird and odd. Some people really get weird vibes from me too. My friend's best friend said he couldn't be around me because I was weird. But, he couldn't pinpoint any one thing. I even helped the guy several times. But, he just didn't want to be around me. I have found that most people feel that way about me. But, there are a few that don't seem to pick up on that. So, I always tried to be really nice to them.

But, now that I'm old, I'm just some old weird dude that people try to avoid.
Boy, don’t I know it. I was the weird kid in school and now I’m the weird guy at work. Most of my coworkers avoid me like I’m a leper, only talking to me if a bathroom needs to be cleaned. Yes, I’m a custodian. Maybe I smell like the bathrooms I clean, but I think my coworkers want nothing to do with me for the same reason no one in school or at my other jobs did, I’m just weird to them.
It's not exactly the same, but I did mention somewhere on here that I was an outcast at school. And my whole life I have pretty much felt like other people knew what was going on and either I didn't or I was a step behind on finding out. It's not been easy, and I do occasionally still have feelings as if I don't belong, but since I exist, perhaps that is enough and I don't have to fill any niche. In a way, it makes the people who do stick by me that much more special. I don't know the originator of the quote, but I take this to heart: A friend is one who comes in when the rest of the world has gone out.

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