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No. I only do mean things to people who have done mean things to me.

Have you never told karma to take the side seat, you’ve got this one? She is a ***** but sometimes she takes her sweet ass time.
Yes. I have been hit on my bicycle many times. I was even drug for about 20 feet without the driver even realized they struck me. My pedal cut into their door and got hooked. But, I've never been hit dead on.

HYE saw someone be killed?
Yes. I saw my friend's body ejected from the car. We were right behind him. I knew he was dead when I saw half his body soaring into the field and the other half dragging the tarp off the bean truck. Its not something you ever unsee. He was going about 80 swerved, over corrected, more swerving and then the car just started flipping. It was like time slowed down and I swear I could see that hemp necklace with the big glass bead on it.

Have you ever been part of a prank gone bad? Like not exactly legal
I used to do all kinds of pranks, many illegal. But, I can't think of any that physically hurt anybody. So, I didn't consider them as gone bad. Some just were as funny as I had planned.

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