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You mean like monkey brains? Nope. I eat basic foods.

HYE got you hand stuck in something?

Mmhmm many things 😅 spent christmas eve in hospital trying to get my finger seen too after getting my hand free .. nightmare

Have you ever wished you could stop disappointing your parents?
Yes and no, i wish theyd be honest about their disappointment so the charade could stop. And they could appreciate the things i do now that i am proud of.

Have you ever bitten a dog?
Other than play-biting by puppies, no.

Have you ever found a piece of media, that influenced you to get into making that media yourself?

Like a book that made you want to write a book, a band that made you want to take up an instrument, etc.
Back in the day Metallica made me play guitar

Have you ever driven a motorcycle?
Back in the day Metallica made me play guitar

Have you ever driven a motorcycle?

I liked how you said that there - "back in the day Metallica made me play guitar".

I like to imagine that Metallica locked you in a basement, with only a slot for food in the door, and in the basement was nothing but a couch, an amp with some wires, and a guitar - hence, they MADE you play guitar 🤪

Every time you asked to go home, James Hetfield would just glare at you, and you would go back to the couch and start strumming away.

Also I see you said in your question "have you ever bitten a dog"? I didn't catch that at first. Yeah, I used to play-bite my dog on his ears sometimes, just with my lips though, not teeth. I tried to get him to play, like "see, I can play like you", but he probably thought "pshh you don't REALLY want to play like a dog, those aren't big fangs."

I haven't driven a motorcycle but I rode on the back of one once just to see what it was like. The wind in your face is a cool feeling, it's a thrill.

Have you ever believed in aliens?
No, but I had my shirt on backwards all day yesterday and didn’t realize until I got home and my son pointed it out

Have you ever worn 2 different shoes without realizing it until too late?
No. But, I only have two pairs of shoes that I wear. One to weld, grind, and do shoe damaging work. And then another pair for everything else.

Have you ever lock your keys in your car?
No, the joy of no stupid keyless entry.

Have you ever thrown up through your nose?

Have you ever accidentally put it in drive but you should've been going in reverse and hit something in front of you?

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