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I did illegal or near death things in my life and but not as prank intended ... the earliest memory about this is when I tested my bow and arrow on a neighbor girl's head as a target ... I could have left her blind :(

HYE fallen asleep during sex
Ha! ha! No. But, I have fallen asleep right before the other person wanted to have sex. I kept telling her to just wake me up. But, I guess that wasn't romantic enough for her. Ha! ha!

HYE fallen out of bed?
Yes, several times actually and none were the result of too much alcohol or overly ambitious sexual positions. Just boring rolling over too close to the edge.

Have you ever been injured getting into bed?
Nope. Never injured getting into bed.

BTW, WOW! I've never fallen out of bed even drunk. I thought since we evolved from apes we magically stayed in our beds. Monkeys on tree branches right? Hmmm.

Have you ever made your own Hush Puppies?
Yes, I have been resuscitated several times on a couple occasions. I didn't want to live. But, others apparently wanted me to. I kept flat lining. But, I hung in there.

Have you ever saved someone else's life?
yes, it's a long story and it made me feel bad I'm sure there were other, but I have memory problems

Have you ever let someone go in a relationship because you wanted them to be happy?
I would hope so I always take my grandma (mom) out to eat every friday its are bonding day

have you ever had to use the bathroom so bad that you couldn't hold it?

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