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I did the council's work today and whippersnipped (weedwacked) an overgrown pathway between two of our neighbour's houses that we all regularly use. Took me almost two hours and three cords to get it done. Some of the grass was as tall as me. If I remember, I'll go and spray some weedkiller along the fence lines tomorrow.
Managed to have a complete freak out today… everyone ganged up on me… called me names…and now, I just want to be with my dad… he’d never hurt me 😔 oh wait positive… managed to fight the urge to jump off a bridge
Do you like the "Dominator"? That's the closest thing in the game to a Mustang. :cool: 🚗

Not into American muscle cars. We can chat about those somewhere else, so we don't off-topic here.

On topic:

I tried 2 guitars lately, I kinda wanna go back into music production. It was a long walk to try out those guitars. :D
Thoroughly cleaned 2 whole rooms!!! woohoo! Some people can clean so easily. For me, all kinds of grief and pain comes up when I clean house, so cleaning this much is a real accomplishement.
I cleaned as an occupation. For over 10 years. But that has made me lazy at home. So if you pay me, I might be more motivated to keep my house clean. 😃😎
Sweet, what color?

I remember I dyed my hair once. It was 4th grade, "Crazy Hair Day". I chose to color color mine "Martian Green" :alien:
Heh, nothing crazy like green. With my bushy curly hair, I'd look like a friggin' Muppet! A nice deep dark red. . .The colour is called Bourdeaux—imagine the hue of a fine French red wine. ;)

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