Poker? The Gentle Person's Game

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Sep 3, 2011
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Sweet, sweet, U S of A.
I've taken to playing poker, over the past few years. I play for fun, for free, no money involved.

I use the PokerTH program (Free Software, as in Freedom.)

I'm not really interested in being a master of ceremony, organizer, or leader or anything, however...

...on a whim, I suppose, if by chance you are interested in a friendly game, and enough of us get an interest, perhaps we can set up some periodic games, ongoing.


If you interested:
1: state your interest, download the program, setup an account, and get setup
2: state your timezone and what kind of times, roughly, work best for you to meet for a game
3: if enough interest is garnered, we can start planning some games

4: if you feel like organizing, it's very easy to host a game, and all you'd need to do is coordinate with others on when the best time for the game is.

Generally, a good game, will last anywhere from a half hour to a little over an hour, depending on how things are set up and how many players there are.

If anyone would prefer to take over as an organizer, have it.

I'm just testing the waters here, not committing myself to anything. If this kicks off, kewl stuff...

If other's have any interest in some other games, chess, video games, etc.. feel free to start your own thread.

Anywho, cheers!

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