Society, what is it?

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Society is a product of congregating humans.
Humans are social animals first, violent animals second and intelligent animals as a last resort.
As a result we have the most socially skilled at the top of the hierarchy with the violent but servile protecting them from the disenfranchised masses. The graceless nerds are trapped in lockers by the violent and unruly somewhere near the bottom incase someone at the top needs an idea to monetize and take credit for.
Because they usually have lots of resources, a large platform and are masters at self-promotion its relatively easy for them to do this over and over. Eventually their actions are uncovered in the fullness of time à la Edison or they make a major miscalculation buying Twitter in a transparent bid for complete control over their public perception à la... I forget, some narcissistic moron.
Society; what a concept!

The cynical paraphrase is that somewhere between millions of years ago and thousands of years ago humans decided that war is bad because it kills people and trade is good because it promotes peace instead. One thing lead to another until two tribesmen of formerly-warring tribes sat down to eat together and had probably the first philosophical conversation, and probably long before the first development of known recorded writing.

THAT, actually, is what keeps history buffs as history buffs. The million dollar question is:
"Where'd all this honeysuckle come from?" 🤷‍♂️


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