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YouTube. I love YouTube. It probably makes up 95% of my television viewing.

Having bird droppings land on you, or stepping in dog poo? (A funny thing: a few days ago, I was walking to my car when a white streak appeared on my glasses. At first I wasn't sure what it was, and then it occurred to me that was probably a bird. So I cleaned my glasses and continued on my way to the store and did my shopping. When I got home sometime later, I discovered there was a whole bunch of it on my hat, and on my shoe-- lol.
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I don't mind getting stuck in traffic but getting stuck in an elevator sounds so much more thrilling and adventurous, so I would choose the elevator! 😜

Trees or plants?
Trees. My dad had a love affair with them. Seeing the same ones year after year, decade after decade, I think he saw them as friends.

Ferris wheel or roller coaster?
I have had local anesthesia multiple times but I will choose general anesthesia because it's more thrilling!

Dentist or ENT doctor?

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