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Jul 7, 2010
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good ol' texas

is anyone else here too depressed for sex? some of you might be asking yourselves, "how can you be too depressed for sex?". well, my sadness is so great and my heart is so broken, my faith is so lost and my burden is so heavy that i've lost interest in just about everything, including living. don't worry, i'm not suicidal. i'm just counting down the infinite hours to my demise. anyway, here's why i'm asking:

there's this lady that i know who is a grown-ass woman who won't stop hitting on me and asking me out, and keeps dropping little hints here and there that blatantly scream out "i want to do you". i'm not a virgin, and in my prime i would have already pounced on her a couple of times, but i'm just too depressed for sex. lately, when i masturbate, i find it hard to get it up and keep it up. sometimes i can't even finish the act. anyway, i've turned women down before, but this lady is desperate. she's very attractive, she's in a long-term relationship, and from what i hear, she couldn't keep her legs closed if they were tied together with a rope, and i don't know why she's so interested in me. i feel like telling her, "fine, let's do it at your place. when we get there, i'm just going to pop a viagra, get undressed, and throw myself on your bed. you can do whatever you want to me". i should probably mention that i haven't been laid in years, but that's because i've been abstaining for fear of getting someone pregnant. i know that sounds crazy, but i REALLY don't want to have any children. maybe after i have my vasectomy i'll be a little more daring.

anyway, my co-workers and family members are starting to think i'm gay, but i'm not. they just wouldn't understand me so i never tell them what i feel and what i'm going through. they're all a bunch of horny jackhammers and expect me to think and act the same, but i wouldn't be promiscuous like they are even if i weren't so depressed and if i had the testosterone of a raging bull on crack. so does anyone else know where i'm coming from???

I haven't been able to masturbate in almost a year. I'm not depressed, but doing it MAKES me depressed.
Just because you don't want to have sex with some slutty girl it doesnt mean you are too depressed for sex. Maybe youre just starting to look at sex in a more intimate and loving way.

But as for the question, I think you can be too depressed for sex. You can be too depressed for anything. Some people might want more sex when they are depressed. Everyone is different.

Taking anti-depressants can make you unable to have sex. I was prescribed Celexa and I lost all feeling in my genitals. It was totally numb and I couldn't even tell if I was being touched. It made me think about sex constantly.

I made an appointment and they switched me to Wellbuterin SR.
I can easily see where you're coming from. I think you are just a far deeper fellow than some of the family and friends who are deciding you must be gay. As far as the crazed woman, it sounds to me like you're smart to keep a distance from her. If she has that hard of a time keeping her legs closed who knows what you could catch or what drama she could drop into your already stressful life. I don't see a thing wrong with taking a sexual, time-out while working through emotioanl issues but if your gut tells you it might be more, you might want to check it out with a doctor just to be certain there isn't another problem lurking. There probably isn't but it's always good to check, if you think you might need to. {{{Freedom}}} I hope you feel better soon. Your a sweetheart and deserve happiness. :)
Actually, it's not uncommon at all to lose your sex drive during bouts of depression. Its also not uncommon to lose your sex drive from taking certain medications for depression. Kind of a damned if you do and damned if you dont scenerio. :club:
I was in that same situation you were in , it was strange but in order to keep my penis happy it likes to get emotionally attached to a girl. Sad but true.
Not weird at all. Loss of interest in pleasurable activities (including sex) is a symptom of depression.

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