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Retail therapy - sorry Amazon guy 😅😇✨🙈 I didnt mean to 😇

I could use some of that right now.
Buying a bunch of stuff would make me feel a little bit better, not gonna lie!

And by "stuff" I mean Transformers. Gotta get that Season 1 Beast Wars cast. lol 😝
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Anyway on a more serious note:

it made me smile the other day to see the plants coming in strong in the garden we made last year when we transplanted some of each flower from my Grandma's house to here. The daffodils are the first, they just bloomed yesterday and they're coming in strong and bright yellow.

It's a little bittersweet, being a memorial garden and all.
But at the same time, I'm glad to see the flowers made it.
Not today but yesterday:

I weighed in for the month, and was pleased to see that I held steady at 170 lbs after the month that I was injured with sciatica and not exercising as much, and also despite gaining an inch around my waist. I was afraid I would be in the 180s again, and I'm glad to see that I'm still right around where I want to be.
Walking my dog today at the park, I spotted a regular there for the first time in weeks. He recently had to put his dog down and they used to walk together there for many years. It just made me smile to see him back out there walking again, even if he was alone, I know it's good therapy for him.
Being told a local elderly lady has finally been discharged from hospital after she suffered a bad fall.
Saw a lot of things I like on my walk tonight - some muscle cars, a hawk, and a couple Golden Retrievers.

Tonight was even better - I met, and pet, the Golden I saw in the park last night.

I saw him again, said "hi" as I walked past and his owner asked me if I wanted to meet him. I said sure, and the Golden came over to me, wagging his tail and smiling. Then he offered me his paw, one after the other, just like my Golden used to do.

I talked to the owner for a bit about dogs, breeders, and things like that, he said his dog was 2 and a half, I think I saw him last year. He is still very much a puppy.

Anyway - it's always fun when someone lets you pet their dog 🦮 helps lift my mood a bit.
I went down the east end today to pick up some stuff for the old lady. I had a quick pint in a pub my very first band used to play regularly, I haven't been in there in over 20 years.

It still has the same guv'nor he didn't recognise me, even though we had a few very drunken lock ins, so I asked if he remembered my band I didn't tell him it was my band. Surprisingly his memories were quite vivid.

"They were honeysuckle. The guitarist was horrible (that'll be me then and yeah I probably was). the singer was very pretty but meh. Audience members would throw things at them. They were one of the worst bands to play here. They sold out every time though because there would be lots of hot chicks in leather pants and tight corsets." :LOL: 🤘

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