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You loved Canada, but that makes me think of that joke I once read, about that American who moved to Canada.
I'm sorry, but this one always make me laugh so much.
I just love the way his humour changes in the course of the joke.
Hope you don't hold it against me.

I know the weather in the UK and Belgium are very similar, you guys just have more fog, but we both get our fair share of rain.
We get soooo much fog! Yeah, I miss living in Canada
Was it very cold in winter, like in that joke, where it never seems to stop snowing?
Or is that only certain areas?
Where in the UK do you live?
I live in Yorkshire! It was snowing so often 😫 was sooo cold
I live in Yorkshire! It was snowing so often 😫 was sooo cold
I used to have a friend there (in York itself).
I visited her a couple of times.
Took the train to Brussels, then Saint Pancras, and then the train to York.

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