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I would say Charlotte a warm climate. The summers get very hot, with a lot of humidity, I would say summer is the worst season, this year it was the worst because everyday was like 95 with 80%-100% humidity. The average daily temp here is 70 degrees. The spring and fall are very nice, there's a lot of sunshine. Winter gets cold by our standards, some years we get snow and some years we don't. If it snows there might or might not be accumulation. Also winter tends to be short, it's usually only gets very cold in January and February. What I like about the climate here is that it's typically warm, but we do still have all four seasons. When I lived in Florida it was just always warm.
Sounds lovely! I want to live there haha
It got pretty breezy and we had quite a bit of rain and there is a lot of tree damage and a few uprooted. There are some houses that got messed up and it's mainly from trees falling on them and shingles flying off and fences flying away. I know several people who still don't have electricity, but the numbers are dropping. All in all, we were extremely blessed. How about your area?
Yeah, I’ve been watching a good bit on CNN. It looked terrifying. I have family that has property in Tampa but they weren’t there. Im glad you are ok.
Here in Charlotte we only got some wind but it wasn't too bad, I had a tree branch hit my roof, and that kind of scared me, other then that it was just a lot of rain. So not too bad. Since we are 3 hours from the ocean Hurricanes usually don't get us too bad, the only bad we ever had was Hugo and that was in 1989.
I lived in MIami when Hurricane Andrew came through, which was very bad. It was shocking when we found out south florida cannot be evacuated because the only roads that go out are 95, 75 and the florida turnpike, you can't get 10 million people out on those roads. It's the everglades to the west, the keys to the south, Atlantic Ocean to the east, the only real way out is north. So they told us not to try to evacuate.
I live somewhere in the upper midwest. I won't be more specific than that.
I can. She's from that part of the US you read about, where they live all together in their trailers and everyone is married to everyone else's sister. NO, not Alabama.

All over the world it seems to be the case. I've met people online from countless countries and they say "how is London?"😂😂

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