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NYC Metro Area.
I live in an "urban suburb" 10 mins over the city line.
Native New Yorker -- although I did in the SF Bay area for 2 years in the very early 90s. It was nice there.
Seattle, Washington, similar weather to the UK, I would say very similar to Scotland or Northern Ireland. I visited the UK once, unfortunately I didn't spend much time in England, but I had a great time there, loved the diversity, food, and probably giving myself away, i loved the football culture.
I live in the south of Mexico, in a very catholic, uncultured, two-faced, prudish & narc at the same time, stressful, and frustrating small city in Guerrero state.
East Coast Central Florida.
There's a bunch of nothing here.

A Fun Fact:
By landmass, Florida and Ireland are about the same size.
Just, Ireland is cooler.
Currently in/from Oregon. Originally from Hawaii but it’s too expensive and not enough job opportunities so I can’t live at home anymore
That's a shame...everything I've seen of Hawaii makes it look beautiful. Hopefully one day you can return, or at least visit.
It is beautiful. I am homesick every day and jealous of all my family who still lives there. I do well in Oregon, but especially in this below freezing temps, I miss home :p

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