Why do we die?

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Sep 28, 2012
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Hello friends, I came upon this question in Quora today, "What actually matters at the end of life?" And it got me thinking. Nothing. Nothing matters at the end of life because that is exactly why we are dying. How many people die happy surrounded by love ones instead of crying family members? How many people, elderly people enjoy staying at a nursing home? How many people who die of suicide died a happy person?

So if you want people to live show love and compassion to one another, how hard can that be? How hard is it to smile and show interest to your elders or lonesome people? Or anyone for that matter.

It's not hard. Not hard at all.

EDIT: People who die of sickness and hunger are not mainly dying from lack of food or better medical treatment. They die because, oh, I'm too sick no one wants to approach me and befriend me. Or hunger equals to lack of care and care can equate to love and compassion.

So love is the center of life.​
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