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That is awesome!

When Delta was raging, I cut my own hair for over a year. But as soon as it was relatively safe, I headed back to the beauty shop. I'm not good at layering them and that's how I like them to be.

Have you ever been to Las vegas?
I actually started cutting my own hair because blond hair get darker due to layer thickness and depending on the light. I got tired of paying for what looked like hack jobs.

Delta? You mean covid? Ha! Ha!

Yes, I've been to Vegas several times. I enjoy my first trip the most nearly 3 decades ago. The buffets were awesome and nearly free. I ate like a king. I think the room was only $18 / night too. Ha! ha!

Have you ever been to Washington DC?
Interesting about blonde hair. Mine are blonde, but, well, you know. 😂

Yeah. When it was the Delta variant because it was so deadly.

No. I haven't been to the Northeast at all. DC would actually be a nice place to tour though.
I'll pick you up in my paddle boat. Then we'll head to Gilligan's Island. Ha! ha!

I've never been on a pleasure cruise before only air craft carriers. So, I don't know.

Do you like watching fireworks?
I've never been on a cruise either. It's the motion and the deep water thing, you know.

I love watching fireworks, but I don't like all the noise it brings because it scares the wildlife and nearby pets.

Do you think there is a way to make noiseless fireworks?
To tell you the truth, yes. I can laugh about it now, but I didn't laugh when I was 12. Fortunately I did make it off the ride before I hurled. Really embarrassing though when you're young!

Same question.

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