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Your Favorite Game of All Time?
1. Sonic Adventure 2
2. Life Is Strange
3. The Last Of Us
4. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
5. Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity
6. Ratchet and Clank 1,2,3
7. Sly 1,2,3
8. Jak and Daxter 1,2,3
9. Frequency
10. Kingdom Hearts
11. Final Fantasy 10,10-2, 13, 15
12. Tearaway
13. Virtue's Last Reward, 999
14. Hotel Dusk Room 215, Last Window
15. Rayman 2,3
16. Fallout 4
Polly, I love you so much.
You are the love of my life and I can't thank IMVU enough for this.
We started dating 16/07/17, we first met in person 04/11/17, engaged to you on 10/03/18. I love you and thank you for everything. 

As dumb as it sounds, I have fond memories of drunken games of WWE No Mercy on the N64 with my college buddies. It still reminds me of my wrestling days way back when.
Also, Goldeneye. It was awesome.
(12-07-2017, 02:17 AM)Richard_39 Wrote: As dumb as it sounds, I have fond memories of drunken games of WWE No Mercy on the N64 with my college buddies. It still reminds me of my wrestling days way back when.
Also, Goldeneye. It was awesome.

Doesn't sound dumb at all.  The N64 had the best wrestling games of all-time.  WCW World Tour, WWF WrestleMania 2000 and No Mercy; all were far superior to modern wrestling games, which tend to complicate the basic formula or boil it down to thoughtless simplicity.
I have too many favorites to list as I love games but one that I have always loved was the Final Fantasy series. I recently was playing Final Fantasy 15 a lot and I mean A LOT lol. I guess I got burned out and I haven't played that in a while, but another that I really enjoyed was the Halo series especially in multiplayer. I haven't even been playing the console as I have been hooked on the mobile game Summoners War which is fun.
I considered this a while ago based on my go-to games per PlayStation platform. Very repetitive themes, but I only ever really played stuff that related to my tastes as opposed to being a huge gaming nerd. Basically I didn't buy loads of different games, but I definitely spent far too much time gaming. Anyway, my list went something like this...

- Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
- Brian Lara Cricket
- FIFA 2000
- FIFA 2002
- Actua Soccer 3
- Smackdown 2
- Spider-Man
- Crash Bandicoot 2

- Cricket 05
- Cricket 07
- Smackdown vs Raw 2006
- Smackdown vs Raw 2008
- FIFA 2005
- Madden 2001

- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
- WWE 2K14

- Fallout 4
- Star Wars Battlefront
Hmm, I don't think I have a favorite overall. Some of the ones I like are Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3 & 4, Borderlands, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, Destiny, Halo, Life is Strange, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, and Dinocrisis... I've probably left a bunch out, but my break is over... 😒
I don't think anything will ever surpass the original Mass Effect trilogy for me. Never gets old. I've played through it at least ten times. Others include:

Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls
Dead Space
The Witcher
Deus Ex
Grand Theft Auto
Max Payne
Telltale games in general
"Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects in an experiment." - Christopher Hitchens
Mine are Diablo and Red Alert 2. When I think of these games it brings back memories of a simpler, carefree time in my life.
I was like 11 or 12 and these were the game that got me into gaming. At that time I didn't have my own computer so I shared with my older brother. He didn't let me go on Battlenet and used to brag about how far he was in both games etc. I was also a little sh*t back then so I like to argue with him. Thing is I wasn't just a little sh*t, I was also a stupid little sh*t.  Big Grin
I didn't know what "delete"means so I deleted his Red Alert save game. Next day, I saw an angry note on the table where he knew I would see it. Only then I knew delete means "Poof, gone forever!". He still lets me use his PC though. This day I still feel kinda guilty deleting his save game.

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