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What are the things that infuriate you the most from society?
That people want the quick, magic solution to everything. HOW TO GET RICH, HOW TO WIN INDEFINITELY AT JEOPARDY, HOW TO GET ALL WOMEN TO TALK TO YOU.....

As if such things even exist at all. Hard work, getting well read, finding the right people, luck and never giving up. There, those are the real answers. There are no magic fix-its.

It's getting more widespread; just look at the joke online dating is, for example. Automated algorithms, etc. WHO NEEDS TO EVEN ORGANICALLY TALK TO PEOPLE ANYMORE? WE'LL DO IT FOR YOU1111! AND 100%, FIND YOU A STABLE RELATIONSHIP.

[Image: 6ZrBSUC.gif]
- People who decide that you're not good enough for them just because you have a physical or mental disability that makes you a little bit 'different' - regardless of its level of severity.

- People who spit acid at anybody who dares to have an opposing opinion.

- People who get their jollies off of bullying.

There are loads I can think if - but those are the first that spring to mind.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'

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