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Am I better off alone? Reaching out to people who don't reach back.
(01-05-2017, 07:53 AM)Karen Wrote:  If you marry an only child, as I did, and you have no siblings yourself, you end up like this and it seems nobody wants to hang out with you when you are an older adult.  They are all too busy "living their own lives".  I don't regret not having kids, but I would like to have had a brother and sister.  But that just was not in the cards. This life sucks!

I have a sister and sometimes she can be more trouble than she is worth. But I agree at least I have someone to do things with on the holiday.  I am reminded of the "Doors" song... people are strange when your a stranger. That is how I feel.  The more I am alone the less they want to hang out with me.  I am not sure why groups don't form of loners for precisely this reason but for some reason they don't seem to work. 

A few years ago I did just that... started a local group specifically for people looking for others to support them locally. I am sorry to say it fell apart. I was surprised that people that needed help were some of the first to leave. My suspicion is this. These single person groups can attract *USERS* who might really have other options. When they get sick of you for whatever reason they just go back to whatever else they have going on. 

But with all the apps out there have you noticed... there is a dearth of things for lonely and or alone people.

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