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List 10 most important things you want in a partner. I'm curious about about what everyone thinks.


1. independent
2. takes care of herself (eats right, works out ect..)

just have 2 main ones.

what bout you?
(03-03-2010, 07:39 PM)ThisGuy Wrote: 1. independent
2. takes care of herself (eats right, works out ect..)

just have 2 main ones.

what bout you?

Shit, 10 is too much. Here's 5 things I look for in a woman.

1. She is coversative
2. Personality is easy to get along with
3. Somewhat attractive (I'm not picky you're not attracted to someone, why lead them on, right?)
4. Has an artistic side
5. Isn't superficial


1. Most important. Someone who relates to me, my likes and dislikes, and has at least some of the same morals; I.E honest, openminded, non judgmental.
2. Someone who is emotional, and at least somewhat creative and spiritual.
3. Someone who is NOT obsessively independent and is willing to coordinate with me and take my feelings into account.
4. Good communication and we can talk about most things. Someone who is open or will eventually open up, not secretive and private.
5. We feel good around each other, can relax, laugh and have fun. Someone I don't have to be on pins and needles around.
6. Not obsessed with work or money, but willing to do their share. Doesn't blame everything on me or take everything out on me cause of their mood.
7. Has been lonely, depressed, has known sorrow and hardship in some way. Maybe even a lot.
8. Isn't tied down with so many friends and family that she has no time for me. Would prefer a loner, only child, etc. (I was an only child)
9. Values falling in love instead of casual sex. The less experience with either the better.
10. Someone who will not break my heart in the long run, but will try to resolve things in a relationship rather then toss it aside when the goings gets rough.
Sounds more like the 10 things you'd like to avoid. Usually it takes a bad relationship or two to teach us what those would be.


1) Legitimately loves me. If the love is really there she'll treat me right.
2) Mentally openminded / good conversation
3) Able to have fun, enjoy doing things together, share in each others interests.

ohhhh, the "opposite" sex, I was thinking for "good" sex.

sorry, carry on...
(03-03-2010, 09:09 PM)Just_Some_Dude Wrote: ankles

These make for good sex how? Aside from your obvious foot fetish.
Here's mine (only have 8):

1). Good personality
2). Honesty
3). Willing to share any problems they have
4). Always there for me through thick or thin - to provide support
5). Trustworthy (both ways)
6). Understanding
7). Reasonably Attractive (though I rate this of lower importance than personality, honesty and trust. What's the point in dating a stunning-looking girl if she turns out to be rude, bitchy and deceitful?)
8). WON'T make out that she feels for me intimately, and then go and fuck someone behind my back like I'm too stupid to notice.

Am I asking for too much? [Image: rolleye0014.gif]
The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.
1. A sense of humor - I just can not relate to humorless people who take everything too seriously.

2. Intelligence - I've dated dumb guys before. It never worked out. Most of the time they ended up intimidated by me... and I never even corrected their grammar! Sheesh. They all seemed to feel that eventually I would put them down. And by "intelligence," I don't necessarily mean book smarts or fancy-schmancy degrees. I've met some pretty smart people who never went to college. - I'm sorry, I know that this might sound arrogant, but intelligence is really important to me.

3. Similar or compatible life philosophy - and that does trickle down into core values. I dated a guy who was my polar opposite: Rigidly Baptist, Ultra-con. Ugh. My stomach still hurts even thinking about it now. Really, all we had in common was our taste in music and an insane physical attraction to one another. We just could not see eye-to-eye on anything else though, and rather than adding fire and spice to the relationship, it just ended up being aggravating and maddening. I do not know how Mary Matalin and James Carville can stand it. Or each other. She's a fucking HARPY and he's fucking wingnut. Oh-Em-Gee.

4. Mutual Physical Attraction - the above said, I can't be in a romantic-type relationship that is devoid of physical attraction either. I tried it once, it did not work. It was sad. :/

5. Compassion - Not to the extent of the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa (I'm not that demanding, c'mon!), but to have compassion is to show that you can step outside yourself and care about others. I detest extreme self-absorption and people who treat others as nothing more than a means to get something, as things to be used.

6. Loyalty -Dude, it sucks to be betrayed by the person you love. It sucks even more to find yourself debasing yourself by crawling to that person begging him/her to take you back.

Shit. I'm pretty demanding, huh?
(03-03-2010, 11:17 PM)Catharsis Wrote:
(03-03-2010, 09:09 PM)Just_Some_Dude Wrote: ankles

These make for good sex how? Aside from your obvious foot fetish.

no, i've just learned that women with bigger ankles than mine are usually lesbians! (>>>>>>>>>>>>> ducks and runs >>>>>>>>>>>>>)

plus cankles can be hard to get a good hold on during some legs-in-the-air-missionary Cool

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