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women prefer bad guys not nice guys (like an universal law)

which is one food / dish you have a definite repulsion for
Can I say apple wine? Not like I would drink it anymore. I really don't know because I don't eat apples and the only ones I can think of are Washington apples.

What is your favorite type of banana?
The yellow ripe ones that stores used to carry. Now all they have are the green ones that are picked WAY too early. Even when they turn yellow/black they are still hard and taste bitter. Blaaa.

Would you like to grow all of your own veggies and fruits?
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Absolutely! Ironically, when they used to use to use manure as a fertilizer and pull weeds by hand instead of using sprays, foods seemed to be much healthier. But they do a lot more testing now so who knows?

I know what you are saying about bananas so that's why a banana split from dairy Queen would be a better option. 🤔🤔

Would ever be able to eat the same foods everyday for every meal?
Does that mean you didnt have to pay? In that case, once.

Are your hands always cold?
Not most of it. I’m pretty well deaf in my right ear and the left one I can hear only about 50%

Too much loud music as a youth and I didn’t always wear ear muffs, working on planes, in the Navy.
What's the last movie you saw that you thought was fantastic?
Mirage Men.
You are supposed to answer and ask a question for the next person. I only asked a question because the prior person didn't understand the purpose of the thread so answered without asking a question.
Okay, here's the question:

If you had just one last holiday to go on, where would you go?

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