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No, that is something that would never come into my mind to do.

Would you give some food and/or money to a genuine looking homeless person?
Yes but would want to know it was legit. I live in a city where people are constantly harassed by homeless people. I'm more sympathetic to down on their luck people who I know quite a few of than a chronically homeless person which doesn't faze me. For example, if they were given loads of money, they'd still be homeless a year from now. In contrast, I'm far more sympathetic to a teacher or waitress working two jobs and still can't afford school or kids or something. That I find heartbreaking.

Would you rather win the lottery or have the perfect (for you) job?
no. i've been present when undertakers have had to remove dead bodies, bodies that have been very decomposed, and it's not a nice job at all.

how you ever touched a dead person?
Yes, several loved ones have died.

What is your biggest goal in life?
Get into skilled work of some kind,
get good at something interesting/have interesting ideas and be known as a person who has good ideas,
and get a girlfriend.

All are about equally big goals to me.

Same question.

Uh-oh, I think we fouled up the game at some point.

Anyway, would you or wouldn't you bike ride on the edge of the cliffs of Moher?

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Absolutely - they are lovely, intelligent creatures and I see them all the time. Curious and social. I read a news story where they even came up to a local skipper and lead them to a swimmer in distress. That means they understood the skipper and the two teenage girls drowning were the same species and would help each other. Amazing creatures. The only downside is they are several hundred pounds and males are horny (like a dog that humps your leg all the time). They will hump anyone or anything and that can injure a person since they are large and heavy. See this video for what I mean. It starts cute and funny but it's very close to getting dangerous when they start to deny a 300 pound animal in heat the sex it needs and craves, it can suddenly switch from cute and playful to aggressive.

Next Question: What's an example where you renegotiated something significant in an established relationship?


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I set boundaries which must not be crossed or the whole thing is off.

Would you get angry if someone you knew made fun of a homeless person or would you agree with them?
Angry. That's a lousy thing to do, and can happen to anyone for any number of reasons, not just drinking and drugs, or "not wanting to work", and not just because they are "stupid people", "low IQ" or "bad decision makers". Even people who were once educated professionals, are not immune. People need to get off their high horse and recognize this. The "good/bad decision makers" thing really kills me with how self-righteous and goody-goody they are. Even the "good decision makers'" lives can get knocked out of whack at any time, but they are usually too egotistical to ever admit it. That's what it's really all about - when they talk down about someone for being a "bad decision maker", they are stroking their own ego for being "good decision makers" at the same time. That's one thing that's always bothered me about "smart people"/"achievers".

Personally I think it's backwards that we allow anyone to be homeless in what's supposed to be a civilized country. It's not like I'm saying give them a Lamborghini - just food, shelter, and the ability to live with dignity while they get their lives together.

"But how will we pay for it?" Well, personally I think no one needs to be a billionaire - being a hundred-millionaire should more than suffice, if it doesn't, you might have a money addiction, the same as any other kind of addiction. Besides I thought we weren't supposed to have kings here, and billionaires are basically kings, or at least lords. But that's just me thinking we should live in civilization instead of survival of the fittest 🙃 it's so "communist" or insane, I know.

People get so mad about "taxing the rich" and "hard work" and all that, but I think most people really don't understand who "the rich" are, and how rich "the rich" are. "The rich" aren't your dentist, the people in your neighborhood with white-collar jobs, or that guy down the street who drives a Corvette. The actual rich have so much money most people's minds can't even comprehend it. They're not people with good jobs, or even most small business owners - they are people who don't need to work at all and probably haven't had to for generations. I'm sorry but no one needs that much, at some point too much really is too much because it breaks the game for everyone else, and it's not because of a person inputting "hard work" and sacrificing fun or their health, it's that family's money making money all by itself due to investments and compound interest. That is not work.

Even sports have slaughter rules - it isn't to cripple the winner, so much as it is to prevent the absolute ass-kicking and humiliation of the loser. The winner is still going to win, just not in such a way that's unsportsmanlike and to such an extent that it's not a contest and there's no point playing. That's what a wealth tax is, it's like a slaughter rule for making money.

Luckily, as far as making fun of the homeless goes, the people I know don't behave this way.

That said, when I'm out and about I tend not to engage with homeless people, because you don't know what someone's mental state is. Freezing and starving can make you act irrationally, along with mental illness or any other conditions a person might have. Plus I know that if I were homeless, I'd be furious. I understand why they would be angry but at the same time I wouldn't want someone to take their anger out on me.

Would you or wouldn't you go into a career strictly for money/status/safety/stability/security, and not for interest/curiosity or passion/enthusiasm at all?
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I've done both and am way happier in an unstable career that is aligned with my passions than a corporate job I hated. It's definitely not for everyone though.

Would you date your boss?
I've done both and am way happier in an unstable career that is aligned with my passions than a corporate job I hated. It's definitely not for everyone though.

Would you date your boss?
Isn't that like saying, 'Would you date your future wife?' 😏 (J/K)...

(Yes, if there were no rules baring it, and conflicts of interest and power imbalances were no threat. Otherwise, no).

Would you work on a Cruise Ship, if the opportunity was open? (I don't think I could, but, seems like it would be interesting. Tough probably, but interesting.)
I would love to but it seems crew quarters deny you a window so you are living in a tiny, cramped iso chamber which might get old. I would probably prefer a science research vessel rather than a tourist cruise ship. Sort of like being trapped in a tourist trap which is very uninteresting to me.

Would you take a trip to the moon next year assuming you had a chance to go? You would have no guarantee of survival...same odds as anyone else going now.
That would sure be a great conversation, if I was able to return of course, to tell my future grandchildren.

I would like the chance, but I think maybe once I was out of the earths atmosphere I would panic inside with the daunting thought of ''Hope I can get back to earth eventually.''

Would you like to work as a prison warder?

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