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Depends on the dog. I would NOT send out an attack dog or a little defenseless dog. But I would send out a dog that would bark like crazy at the person. Then I would follow behind.

Would you install security cameras to make yourself feel safer?
No. I feel safe right here. Besides, a few neighbors who are very nearby have plenty of cameras out. Problem is they don't seem to catch anything and since they also have audio with it, I think it's more for snooping.😂

Do you have cameras around your house?
At least you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Actually, I think I would maybe enjoy that, but I just can't seem to get myself drug back to work. 😂

Would you ever bank at an institution that no longer has tellers and everything is automated?
Maybe an outdoor ice cream stand. But then I suppose I would have to go there every day and work so probably not.

Would you reassess your thoughts about someone who chose a very seedy overnight guest?
I got the ticket, went to court, the judge said I did the correct thing, and he still found me guilty. He said I should have slowed down when I entered the intersection. Whatever! Ha! ha! But, he did allow me to go to traffice school to get it wiped off. So, the city made money, which is really all they are doing with the red light camera systems.

Yes, popping bubble wrap is fun. ha! ha!

Would you pay to go into a room filling with bubble wrap and jump all around in there and bounce off the bubble wrap coated walls?
Well that was a crooked deal, but I'm not surprised.

You know I might just pay to go do something like that. I love popping bubble wrap.

Would you pick me up so we can go and pop bubble wrap?
I'll go to the end of the driveway and wait now. 😂

Yes and I've done it and then wish I would have stopped.

Would you ever wait for a rainy day so you could just stay inside and crash?
That's a really good idea! Are they realistic enough to go to the bathroom in front of a specific door?

If you we're out for a walk and some polite bicyclists came up behind you and let you know they were to your left, would you move to the left?
Ha! ha! It very common here to have multipeople on the multiuse paths. Many say left or something when passing. I don't. I just don't fell like saying anything. But, I do stay to the right and if I hear left I go to my right. Ha! ha! Did you get run over?

Would you get mad at someone stopping right in the middle of the multiuse path so their dog could take a smurf?
No, but I was in the zone today and I moved to the left. Thankfully they laughed right along with me when I was laughing at myself and apologizing.

Hey smurf? 😂 No, I would probably just walk off the pathways a bit to avoid it.

Same question.
Maybe if it was a trumpet because that had always been my first choice and the instructor kind of talked me out of it and I regret it to this day. But evidently not enough to go out and get one and take lessons. Right? 😂

Would you let peeps or marshmallows set out for a day so they can get chewier?

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