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Really. It's true, but I'm avoiding that Lake right now anyways because of the algae warning.

😂 Probably not.

Would you date someone whose last three boyfriends/husbands disappeared suspiciously?
No way. Well, is she hot? Ha! Ha! I think about that when I watch the crime reporting shows. It's like come on dude? You weren't concerned that your new girl friend survived the last three guys and wants to marry you right away? Ha! ha!

Would you date a guy that constantly looked at other women?
No. I had women in the past get mad because I WASN'T jealous. I had/have no desire to look through their phone or track what they do. They are either going to cheat or they won't. They said I didn't care enough to be jealous. I felt like hitting my head with a hammer. Instead I laughed.

Do you play mind games in relationships?
I would understand if its out of character for that person to be insulting or if they are stating a truth or if its how they feel at that moment. Actually, I don't think it would even register with me unless my son is the recipient.

Would you release your dog on someone that's sneaking around on your property at 2am?

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