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Awh so true I often hear people say well I never had that when I was a kid and I think so whatttttt 🤣 my daughter will have EVERYTHING i couldnt.

Oh oh I love a good sausage 😅

Life time of regret or a life time of playing it safe? ✨

That's cute, Cen. 😌😂(y)

Lifetime of playing it safe.
I kind of already live a lifetime of regret by default.
I regret being born in the first place. 🥴😅

Fabric softener sheets, or fabric softener liquid? :unsure:

Do you have arguments with people in your head?

Only if I know them well enough to be able to accurately predict every possible angle they could approach me with in counterpoint. I.e. like my sister, or my ex.
That way I can save myself the time and the trouble of ever actually getting into the argument while simultaneously preparing for if the other person brings it up instead, that way I don't actually have to care about the argument, and I can just run off of predetermined script and remain emotionally detached the entire argument. I've been told I'm impossible to argue with, for this exact reason.

Hard work in the morning hours, or later in the afternoon?
Are they going to be used for the same purpose? If so, I say chicken to eat, hottie to have for play, and chicken to keep around as a companion

Goats milk or cows milk?
Cows milkkk

Dance with your father one last time or dance with the man of your dreams? ✨
Sorry about your dad. A: All the time. I'm always in my head.

Q: Do you pride yourself more on being well prepared for anything that might happen or living off the cuff? Explain your answer.
Being prepared for anything! 😇 I like to know im the girl with the plan always, being too spontaneous is scary…

Is a guy going through my handbag without my knowledge a red flag?
Yes. He would definitely have trust issues and probably be the jealose type.

Is a woman saying no actually saying no or is she just making note for later if she realizes I'm not quite the lover we both thought I was? Ha! ha!

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