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Sep 28, 2012
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Here we can discuss and reminisce about games we used to play.

Do any of you remember Conker's bad fur day on the first xbox as well as Fable???
I remember Fable because my brother was huge into it (I never played it myself). But I remember he would constantly riff about how many choices you could apparently make.

And I also remember Conkers Bad Fur Day. I remember there being buzz that it wasn´t as kid friendly as it looked haha!!
When I was a kid, I used to LOOOOVE this beat ´em up game called River City Ransom for Nintendo. You could play solo, or 2 player, as two friends who would go from high school to high school fighting different gangs to get back your kidnapped girlfriend. But along the way, you can save money and power up by going to diners and bookstores. The bookstores sold books that had techniques that helped the characters attack better.

The game has been reiterated a few times throughout the years, and they even had a direct sequel that came out on Steam a few years ago called River City Underground. Unfortunately I never played that one as I was never much of a PC gamer and it wasn´t ported to consoles.

Here is the trailer. I still look at it from time to time hoping that one day it gets ported to Playstation:
I remember challenging the bots in conker's bad fur day because i didn't have xbox live 😂😂😂.
For me, it was all about TIE Fighter:

I remember getting so immersed in the missions and looking forward to playing it whenever possible. It wasn't simply shooting things, there was a story to it as well with twists and turns. It really expanded the EU in terms of showing just how many other types of ships were out there besides what you saw in the movies. And you even got to fly alongside Darth Vader on some missions.
Also Starglider 2:

I didn't really know what was going on, so I just tried to destroy everything, because the explosions were really satisfying - even on the old-school graphics. It was part of the charm.

The other thing I remember being really cool about that game was that you could travel from planet to planet, within the solar system. It was much harder to control the ship in space, than in the atmosphere.
Fable is one of the classics there binging out a new Fable though not much has bin said on the release date but at the time it was one of the first of its kind being able to choose to be good or bad and have a halo or horns being able to drink or own property. Being able to get married have kids be a hero or a villain I remember it but the funny thing was I didn't first play this game on console I actually played it on PC and it was an enjoyable game (at the time) now going back and looking at the remastered game it has aged a lot you can tell but still looking forward to seeing its newest Fable 4 release to see if they added more things to the classic game it needs more decisions and open world interaction so that way it can keep up with some of the competition these days but I still am a fan of the series.
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I played both the original Conker's Bad Fur Day on Nintendo 64 and the Live and Reloaded remake on Xbox.
That game is hilarious.
The Great Mighty Poo is perhaps one of the greatest video game bosses ever. 😂
Does anyone remember this game?
It was a strategy game in which you could wage war against your opponent (mostly the computer).
You had to conquer land, and you were one god waging war against another.
You got points for creating a strong leader, and building houses and castles.
If you had enough might you could send a knight to burn down the houses of the opponent.
You could use earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions etc. to weaken your opponent.
This one was called 'Populous'

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looks like a game that one of my friends used to play and enjoyed thoroughly called Civilization
Pokemon Gold and Silver on Gameboy Color as well as Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Time.
Super Mario Bros on Super Nintendo. (My grandfather introduced me to video gaming lol).
Ladybug (arcade version).
I played this a lot in the arcades, if you formed the letters of EXTRA by getting them in the right colour, you would gain an extra life, with SPECIAL you won a free game.
You were the ladybug, similar to Pac-Man, the difference is that you could never eat the bugs, but you could slow them down because the doors could rotate 90 degrees, so you could shake them off temporarily.

I had a Colecovision games console at the time, and had the game cartridge for it, so I played it a lot at home as well.

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