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I still have that game and the expansion.
I never beat it but I LOVED the undead in it because of how they terraformed. It was a shitload of fun. I wonder if I could still run that on modern PCs in compatibility mode. :unsure:
right. I think i would have to go with the orcs as my favorite faction.
Exactly. Visually and most technologically advanced game of 2004. It was and is still a very pretty and my first game on the computer. I modded the hell out of it in the past years, a retired veteran level designer for it and beat it like five times. I still have it laying in my Steam library.
lol remember when gaming magazines had demo cds that came with them. i remember i got to download far cry as a demo.
Back somewhere between FF7: Dirge of Cerberus on PS2 and Fallout 3 on Xbox 360, people were playing around with the idea of what happens when your shooter relies on RPG mechanics like stats to determine hits as a primary, and aim/hitboxes as a secondary.

The result was comedic happenings in Fallout 3, wherein a slow motion kill cam will show a direct hit...but because it's an RPG, you rolled a 1, and so technically you missed, bruh. 🥴 😂

It's goofy, but I still think it's funny. Because that still happens as a formulaic standard in modern games with the RPG/Shooter genre mashup.

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