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So since my Regional Manager is also losing his job in this liquidity debacle, he's helping those of us in his region. Setting some managers up with other jobs, approving any PTO, and overlooking/kind of ignoring payroll exaggerations. 😂

I asked him to revamp my resume and for a letter of recommendation, and he agreed and gave me his email. So that'll help me get a leg up.

Can't get a random unannounced delivery today at work. 😁
That I’m still in control of my actions.
Aye, I honestly hope you can continue with that. I'm way better than I used to be, but in reality that should only serve to remind me how easy it was going full 'crazy'. Please take care of yourself, wishing you the best!
My wife bought me this mug. It keeps things hot or cold for 6+hrs. The reason I like it so much is that when I make my coffee, I get the sugar/coffee/milk/water ratio so perfect that it’s the best coffee I ever make. I can never get it quite as good in cup. I sip it for ages while I’m reading or tinkering. Best present I’ve had in years.

I uhh, saw my baby cousin today that I haven't seen in 20 years.
She was 2 the last time I saw her.
She's basically like my long-lost step-daughter.
I think of her that way because I babysat her so much in my teens while her father and my older cousin were out working that in a way I was kind of prevalent enough in her childhood that she used to call me from the foster facility when she was in middle school.

She moved down here with her boyfriend after she got out of college and is a social worker for children who, also grew up in rough situations like she did.

I'm still kind of shocked. I never thought I'd see her again. But I'm glad she came by.
I am grateful for the place I live in and the income I have to be able to afford it. Because today it was 107 degrees and at age 56 I for some reason get hot quick.

I am also grateful for the "adoptive" daughter I got. She helped me during my most depressing time January 2022. She is so sweet.

Dont get me wrong I like Summer because the days are longer and I am no fan of cold dark depressing days.

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