Once a day: What are you thankful for?

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Had a good work day,got most of my jobs done.Plus met a new co worker and saw she was not too happy about something.Opened up and said it was about her 16 year old daughter that beat up another girl charged with assault breaking the girl's nose.Told her I was once like her daughter getting in trouble.Said have a talk with her getting her to change.
I'm thankful for being thoroughly analytically methodical more often times than not. It's greatly saved me from a series of things in life, but it's also greatly saved me from a series of shitty, manipulative people in my life as well.
My son's girlfriend and I getting along.Met her in October and we get along.I am also getting to know her,she is a pre op mtf transsexual.I am 100% supportive of them dating and he does treat her right
I am thankful that I am independent and self sufficient.
I cannot imagine having to rely on others to care for me.
I'll do whatever I have to do to avoid being in a nursing home if and when that time comes.
Moved in and getting used to the place.Started moving things in on Monday.Plus my son did come over to check out the electrical in my shop having to do repairs.One was the hoist was wired wrong using the wrong gauge wire.3 of the plugs had ground issues.I paid him for the repairs.

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