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Type Some Lyrics from the Song You're Listening To Now
..." May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam, and may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home. And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true..."
"I just wanna be your ball and chain
Wrapped around your finger
Locked up, tied me down
Follow you forever
Never let you get away,
Holding on like a ball and chain"

B4-4 - Ball and Chain
I`ll find a way
I`m confused though
but I think I can try
I will save your life
I`ll try for you.

- anything clever i put in here will just sound stupid in the morning. -
Withdrawn he'd sit there
Stare blank into space
No sign of life
would flicker on his face
Until one day he smiled
It seemed as though with pride
The wind kissed him
goodbye, and then he died
On the first page of our story
The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don't know why I'm still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you'll always be my hero
Even though you've lost your mind
"...How many friends have I really got? I can count them all on one hand..."
I don't want to be the sweeper of the egg shells that you walk upon
And I don't want to be your other half, I believe that 1 and 1 make 2
I don't want to be your food or the light from the fridge on your face
At midnight, hey what are you hungry for
I don't want to be the glue that holds your pieces together
I don't want to be your idol
See this pedestal is high and I'm afraid of heights
I don't want to be lived through
A vicarious occasion
Please open the window

Not The Doctor by Alanis Morissette
"The future teaches you to be alone
The present to be afraid and cold
So if I can shoot rabbits
Then I can shoot fascists

Bullets for your brain today
But we'll forget it all again
Monuments put from pen to paper
Turns me into a gutless wonder"

"Tolerate" - MSP
Thinking of all the cool creatures that I will meet on this night
Ghosts and goblins and witches roaming the streets in moonlight
Bowls of candy and goodies, delicious and waiting in store
The sound of cute little footsteps as they approach my front door

Letting the children inside to drink beers
Razor blades hidden in three musketeers
Screams from the basement of kids begging to be set free
That's what Halloween means to me

Tightening the clamps that are holding their little heads so tight
Putting my lips to their ears as I whisper please don't fight
I promise I'll let you go home if you swear not to tell a soul
Well I'll just untie these I'm kidding now where is my chainsaw? Let's rock and roll

A pinch of your brother a teaspoon of you
With the head of your sister would make a good stew
I'd give you a taste but your tongue's in the stew; irony
That's what Halloween means to me
.."We can never know about tomorrow, but still we have to choose which way to go.."

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