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Why is human life so long? Do you find it too long?
I just find life is too long. I'm 27, I've had good and bad times. I've achieved "okay" things, didn't waste my life, have been to many countries and several continents. I didn't disappoint my parents either, achieved whatever they asked of me.

Now I feel I've had enough of life and it's time to sleep forever, but unfortunately human life is far too long in comparison to other animals. Now I find life as a boring, hard working process and just a long wait for death.

So, why is our life so long? Do you find it long like I do?
Ha. I'm 35 and I've done everything I will ever do. I'm just whittling away the time with distractions until a time that my cat eats my body in my apartment during the several months it takes to find me.

I would probably feel differently if I had more to look forward to. I'm sorry that you have those feelings, though. My feelings are the result of very bad circumstances (I'm not trying to suggest that's your situation).
I know what you mean OD. I just wanna curl up in bed.

I think thats it Raincloud, having something to look forward to....and for me, Sticking to it!!. It's hard to figure out for me just what would make me happy. Because I change my mind as often as the British weather. I'ts so annoying I just end up exhausted after an exciting day of planning my new adventure, only for it to loose it's flavour in the morning. That for me makes life move at snail-pace. But now if i had a friend near me......I think, togehter, we could fly!
I think Maslow was spot on about human needs, after your basic needs are met, its time for love and belonging, and close friendship. No wonder i never feel like achieving or mastering anything else. I mean, without any kind of love and support you would fail?
just a guess i suppose
I haven't dated for 7 years. Yet i am suprising happy alone when i'm being active enough and contributing in a more meaningful way with society. Best not to think about it, and dwell on it, and make the most of life. thats my motto now.
Well personally I'm planning on sticking around till 121, lots more I want to see and do.

Hmmm, I may even start a Kickstarter thing to fund an expedition to find the fountain of youth.

Find things you want to to, trips to somewhere special, learn an instrument, learn a new language.

Life has lots of possibilities, and it doesn't have to be big things, just anything that will make you happy.
I'd say that life is too short. The older I get, the quicker each year seems to disappear. I used to wish for my life to end, but all I really wanted was for things to change, and that doesn't happen until you can force yourself to stop wallowing in misery and start looking for the bright side.
Wow, I have never felt this way. I'm 24, and I have achieved some awesome things as well, and have traveled.

I try to be progressive everyday, and keep working to my next step in life (buying a new car, house, getting that dream job, etc.) and there is always something new to be going for. I agree with Cavey, life is short, I need time to get stuff done. Smile
You've got to be kidding! I'm 47, haven't done anywhere near enough, and would like to have another 100 years minimum.
I think there just isn't enough time to do it all that I want to do. Just to get where I want to in life has been taking a while. 9 years past and I'm only starting to walk the journey. Gotta say you're lucky you get to do all that you wanted to do in such a short time.
I don't think there is enough time. If I had more time I probably wouldn't feel so bad about wasting my 20s. I wish I was a lot farther along than I am at this point.
Seriously? Wow...Honestly, I pretty much wasted my 20's completely due to my own foolish choices, and my 30's was spent getting my shit together. Now at 42, I just feel now that my life is 'starting' - I want at least another 50 years or so. I find it pretty sad, actually, that some of you are tired of life already and you're so young. Life is for living people! It's one big adventure, don't waste it. Sheesh...

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