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The question is found in the prior post.

Do you think Normski misunderstands this thread?
Nop! I uderstood it very well ( Is evil something we are born with or not) Basically is that right ? Original " Do you think people are born evil or become evil?" And I did answer the question, by saying it depends on what is meant my Evil; It can be anything ( you consider wrong or offensive ) or is it against your cultural moral code . Or religious doctrine, social norms and values. I don’t know the parameters that have be set., none in this case, Like asking someone to measure a room, Ok so where is the room . Umm well we don't have one, can't be done then can it! Simple rational approach...
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I understand that, but I addressed her " pecificaly" (and her comment only) easy to see by the reply qoutes above my orginal one . if you look at in its correct context, as said, you see it in a blink of an eye, it makes sense and is a reasonable and rational comment. that was it end of, and then everyone threw out their toys. I thinking Umm and what did I do . durr. but whats done is done and so I move on! or at least try anway!
Yikes I cant leave you blokes alone for 5 mins 😅 lets play nice. I will start a diff thread to discuss evilness costs nothing to be kind. ✨

The sun is out 😇 not the moon

Have you ever enjoyed pain?
Often - part of the process for the work I do.

What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?
'wear your guitar higher, so the chicks can get a good look at your crotch' 🎸 🤘 ;)

What makes you really angry?
Most conservatives unless there is a good mitigating reason/if there is something else I like about the person, can relate to them in some way, if I've seen them show reason, critical thinking, or compassion/understanding, etc.


Social Darwinists/eugenicists/anyone who thinks life is hierarchical and predetermined before birth by genes, and that that's the way it SHOULD be (and there is a lot of overlap between conservatives, authoritarians, and social Darwinists/eugenicists, they're almost always the same)

The world (at least the first world) getting economically worse than it was in the mid to late 20th century, for no good reason except greed

Evolutionary biology especially as it relates to attraction

Genetic talent/limitation and how we have no say in it

The notion of being limited/inferior/inherently a loser/low-status and there's nothing I can do to change it because of the aforementioned genetic talent/limitation.

Also possessions getting destroyed because of stupid stuff like mold and UV damage.

Same question
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(What makes you really angry?)

When a visitor is expected on an prearranged day, only for me to wait and wait, look out of the window whenever I heard a car close by. The visitor didn't even think to phone or text to cancel.

I left it quite a few hours, but then I got to think maybe something has happened to them. I then phoned them only to be told ''Yes, all is okay with me, sorry I forgot about our meet-up''.

Have you ever driven through a car wash only to notice too late you had left a back window open?.

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