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No. I don’t trust anyone. I asked because not far from where I am a guy was beaten to death by the police.

Do you live in a bubble?
Apparently for a few decades I lived in a bubble, but not so much anymore. I'm wondering if you live in the area where that same story has frequently been on national news. If so, it's absolutely horrible and I'm hoping for life in prison for a few former officers. That's actually one of the news stories I've been following. My own area made it on national news recently.

Would you trust the testimony of a jailhouse snitch?
Haha! I mean I'm just not a trusting person of the saint or the sinner.

What is the first thing you think of if I say tiger eye?
I'm so glad you said that! Supposedly we aren't supposed to remember anything until we're about three when all of the connections are there, but I also remember things from much earlier.

Definitely music. But for regular subjects, things like general business and typing and civics.

Same question.
Creative writing, Lit, and history
(of course, all subjects where you don't make any money unless you become a mega-star - just my luck).

I always admired people who made fictional worlds, like JRR Tolkien or George Lucas.
Same with lyricists - it's something I admire that I wish I could do myself and want to know how to do.

And history is fascinating because you see how the world came to be. It's like a story, just like fiction.

And because I can't think of a question right now, and think this is a good one anyway -
same question.

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