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Mildly spicy as well. I prefer the full flavored sauce, not just tomato sauce. Like garlic basil marinara.

What tv show are you ashamed to say you love and never miss an episode?
Been a long time since I watched a tv show,but I can't say I'm ashamed of watching any.

What's the last movie you watched?
I've never tried, but it sounds delicious ^^

are you more of a cream-sauce kind of guy, or thick meat stew kind of sauce ? (or full on vegetable sauce if you want d:)
I'm not big on sauce in general. I can tolerate honey mustard. BBQ sauce is almost always delicious though.

Do you care about all this hub-bub about AI (artificial intelligence)?
yes, a teacher friend of mine actually joined a think-tank to dis uss the problem it poses in education...

why and what clohes are you wearing right now ?
I'm wearing t-shirt and scrub pants. Scrubs for pants, because they are loose fitting and comfortable (and a bit more stylish and breathable than sweatpants, etc..). And t-shirt, because they are loose fitting and comfortable.

Do you enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities, or do you prefer creature comforts over roughing it?

Do you believe ignorant people realize they are ignorant or do they think they are actually knowledgeable and it is others who are ignorant?
sure, I'll ask a nice question:

do you feel sexy when you look in the mirror ? what would make you more sexy you think ?
If I had to pick one, it would be Let It Be, but it's a tough choice!

Do you cut your own hair or have someone else do it? And bonus question, what's your favorite style hair of haircut? : )
I cut my own hair but only split ends, my fave hair style is long, blonde and straight… total barbie

Do you believe money impacts personality?

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